Design: Jan Dinnebier / mawa design

square/rectangular, recessed housing flush-mounted for plastering, installation depth 70 mm, spot heads secured by a teflon supported, 3-point-click-system, standard color for housing RAL 9016 matt white, other RAL colors for cover plate, rotating plate and spot heads available on request, transformer not included

LV: GY 6,35 für QT12 35 W/12 V, EEI = A+, A, B, beam angle: 15°(Standard)/30° /45°, we recommend lamp: OsramHalostar Pro 35 W, EEI = B
LED: 8,4W, 700mA, CRI > 90, 750lm, 2700K/ 3000K, >50.000h, EEI = A++ - A

Low voltage lamp not included,
LED with lamp

Beam angle:
Low voltage: 15°, 30° or 45° (spot 15° is standard)
LED: spot 15°, medium 24° or flood 37°

Low voltage and LED types: transformer/converter not included

wi-eb-1e-db: 121 x 121 mm
wi-eb-2e-db: 221 x 121 mm
wi-eb-3e-db: 321 x 121 mm
wi-eb-4e-db: 421 x 121 mm

Additional anodized or RAL colors are available on request

Transformers, Lamps, Borosilicate glass, Honeycomb louvers and more are available under Components/Accessories

Light Distribution Curves/Lighting Calculations

Video Head/Reflectors
Video wittenberg serie

Color Wittenberg:
Spotlight head:
Price: € 198,00

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