29. November 2017

Precious-metal look for the most diminutive of the series ...

just in time for Christmas, our »wittenberg 4.0« recessed spotlight wi4-eb-1r-kr appears not only in new high-quality surface finishes, but also with extremely competitive prices:...[more]

29. November 2017

brilliant surfaces for our basics too …

eintopf et1, linestra 7 li7, etna et2 housing in brass (me) and cupper (cu) 59,– € incl. 19% VAT additional colors available online.[more]

17. November 2017

Once again upon the winner's podium ...

magnet luminaire »maggy« ... after receiving the German Design Award Winner 2017, now awarded 2nd place in the Design Prize Brandenburg. Our congratulations to the Design team of Kressel + Schelle. Now additionally available...[more]

17. November 2017

German Design Award Winner 2018

»This dual spotlight is not able for its extremely minimalist and compact form, whose clean look is not marred by screws, bolts or wires.The outstanding functionality and lighting quality of the wittenberg 4.0, as well as...[more]

20. October 2017

29m total length ... any shape ... any size

29m total length, Shopping Center, Baunatal ... profile crownlighting, Anatomisches (Anatomical) Theater, Berlin ... »wittenberg« crownlight, ∅ 3,5 m, Mühlenhof, Schriesheim...[more]

07. September 2017

MARTa Herford

At the end of 2016, beginning of 2017, the Lippold Gallery in Museum MARTa Herford, by the American star architect Frank Gehry exhibited the Anders Petersen – Retrospective. The black-and-white portraits were illuminated by...[more]

04. September 2017

wittenberg 4.0 – power-track system

New power-track system variations from the »wittenberg 4.0« series are now available. Sized  ∅ 76 × 143 mm, this spotlight is perfect for the installation in private living areas. Choice of light color...[more]

04. September 2017

Now new price list available ...

Please be advised of our new price adjustments, such as the price reduction of:  Recessed spotlight wi4-eb-1e, NEW = 175,- €, old = 198,- € incl. 19 % VAT (mawa 9005 black matt, RAL 9016 white...[more]

18. August 2017

10th Courtyard Festival on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 ...

»Why look so far afield, when the best is so close at hand«… to paraphrase Goethe – we would like to extend an invitation once again to our yearly courtyard festival in Langerwisch. We once again open the doors and gates of...[more]

06. July 2017

Good. Better. wittenberg 4.0 ...

Today we are happy to present: surface-mounted wi4-ab-2e with mounted spotlight, from 398,- € and wi4-ab-2e-hb half-recessed spotlight, from 449,- € wittenberg 4.0  design: Jan Dinnebier,...[more]

06. July 2017

Holy-Ghost-Church, Steinenbronn...

Kohler Grohe Architects in Stuttgart desired a uniform lighting concept for the complete church nave. The lighting designers from Candela designed a linear profile with adjustable spotlights to illuminate the nave in addition to...[more]

02. June 2017

Good. Better. wittenberg 4.0 ...

Today we are happy to present: wi4-eb-1r-kr with round cover plate, for mounting into drywall ceiling, fully visible spotlight, from 179,- € wittenberg 4.0  design: Jan Dinnebier, engineering:...[more]

02. June 2017

The German Lighting Design Prize 2017 ...

Bettina Wipfler of lichterloh Berlin presented the German Lighting Design Prize 2017 to L-Plan Lighting Design GmbH, Berlin, for the lighting design project  - Hotel Adlon - renovation of the lobby and adjacent...[more]

12. May 2017

Our ssymmank ...

Part of the permanent collection of MoMA in New York, hanging in the Mercedes Benz showroom in Peking China, and the first luminaire in the entire world to use the revolutionary technique of injection-moulding. We continue to...[more]

12. May 2017

Good. Better. wittenberg 4.0 ...

Today we are happy to present: wi4-eb-1r-ep with a round, overlapping edge for installation in drywall ceilings, half-recessed spotlight, from 169,- €wittenberg 4.0  design: Jan Dinnebier, engineering:...[more]

06. April 2017

Stone by stone ...

… no. Presumptions about Brandenburgers abound: it's often said they can't drive and most of the time end up "parked" against a tree. But lacking pragmatism - no. That's not one of their weaknesses. 4 CNC milling...[more]

30. March 2017

Good. Better. wittenberg 4.0 ...

...once again, together with our tech and design team for over two years, we've researched, designed, and constructed. Today we are happy to present: wi4-eb-1r with a round, overlapping edge for installation in...[more]

23. February 2017

The trick with the „click“ is fantastic!

Whether due to the refreshing sea breeze wafting past the noses of the design duo Kressel and Schelle, which led to designing the luminaire »maggy«, is unknown. Certainly though, something must have been in the air when they...[more]

31. January 2017

Not all that glitters is gold …

…and the intrinsic values are what really count. In this case, both expressions could hardly be more true. Normally here at mawa design, we love a matte finish, but how could we resist when the designers at Dr. Krekeler's,...[more]

06. January 2017

exhibition opening – January 16th, 2017 – DESIGN POST Cologne

…suddenly the year is over. 2017 is here! We wish all our clients, partners, distributors, and friends only the best in the coming 365 days. Anyone wishing to raise a toast with us to a successful new year has the possibility to...[more]

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