06. April 2017

Stone by stone ...

… no. Presumptions about Brandenburgers abound: it's often said they can't drive and most of the time end up "parked" against a tree. But lacking pragmatism - no. That's not one of their weaknesses. 4 CNC milling...[more]

30. March 2017

Good. Better. wittenberg 4.0 ...

...once again, together with our tech and design team for over two years, we've researched, designed, and constructed. Today we are happy to present: wi4-eb-1r with a round, overlapping edge for installation in...[more]

23. February 2017

The trick with the „click“ is fantastic!

Whether due to the refreshing sea breeze wafting past the noses of the design duo Kressel and Schelle, which led to designing the luminaire »maggy«, is unknown. Certainly though, something must have been in the air when they...[more]

31. January 2017

Not all that glitters is gold …

…and the intrinsic values are what really count. In this case, both expressions could hardly be more true. Normally here at mawa design, we love a matte finish, but how could we resist when the designers at Dr. Krekeler's,...[more]

06. January 2017

exhibition opening – January 16th, 2017 – DESIGN POST Cologne

…suddenly the year is over. 2017 is here! We wish all our clients, partners, distributors, and friends only the best in the coming 365 days. Anyone wishing to raise a toast with us to a successful new year has the possibility to...[more]

21. December 2016

What must be, must be…

… let's get to the point: What could possibly be more beautiful than a design prize beneath the Christmas tree? Our »seventies« lighting system has been honored with the GOOD DESIGN Award 2016 from The Chicago Athenaeum...[more]

08. December 2016

SBB railway stations Switzerland

If someone takes a trip, then they'll have something to say... for example, that during their trip through Switzerland, they stopped along the way at some of the most beautiful railway stations. Basel, Lucerne, Oerlikon in...[more]

29. November 2016

A new landmark …

... Herzog & de Meuron from Basel wanted to create a new landmark in Hamburg. Certainly, they have managed to provoke discussion regarding the extension of the opening of the Philharmonic on the river Elbe. But who...[more]

18. November 2016

Our showroom in the DESIGN POST

Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 22a, 50679 Cologne ... >    [more]

08. November 2016

Excellence once again …

The jury for the GREEN GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2016, given by The Chicago Athenaeum (Museum of Architecture and Design), has decided: mawa »wittenberg« system lighting is forward and backward compatible; a low voltage version can be...[more]

20. October 2016

ORGATEC October 25th - 28th, 2016

Beginning October 25th, 2016 and lasting three days, everything in DESIGN POST will revolve around the theme »Work - Reinvented«. We look forward to your visit and will be pleased to offer you a personal consultation...[more]

14. October 2016

LSD from mawa for 49,- € !

Even though Martin Wallroth once met Mr. Timothy Leary when he was alive, LSD at mawa design doesn't stand for Lysergic acid diethylamide, but for Light Shaping Diffusor, the amazing 3 mm thick disc available in...[more]

16. September 2016

... just like Swiss quality, or?

»oval office« (Design: Marco Schölzel + Martin Wallroth) ensures an all-around comfortable atmosphere and complies with all technical lighting regulations. Architects responsible for the Reinach Kindergarten: Lux Architekten,...[more]

06. September 2016

1 all-around success ...

… inside as well as outside. In Berlin during the 80's, when the word "design" was not yet on everyone's lips, Martin Wallroth was already making things "right round". He designed...[more]

26. August 2016

9th Courtyard Festival on Saturday, September 3th, 2016 ...

»Why look so far afield, when the best is so close at hand«… to paraphrase Goethe – we would like to extend an invitation once again to our yearly courtyard festival in Langerwisch. We once again open the doors and gates of...[more]

19. August 2016

Nomen est Omen ...

»Pioneer University« is how Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen describes itself. In this spirit, as-if Architects selected the purist spherical luminaires from mawa design. Handblown crystal glass Ø 300...[more]

28. July 2016

... the Cyclops is an indisputably clever creature with one or more eyes.

»zyklop« Surface-mounted spotlight, 3 spot heads, rounded, electronic trans­former in housing, powder-coated, Socket: LV: GY6,35 for QT12 35 W / 12 V Osram Halostar Pro, LED: 8,4 W, CRI > 90, 3×750 lm ......[more]

13. July 2016

Like a phoenix from the ashes ...

A fire destroyed parts of this historically listed villa from the late 19th century. With sensitivity and an eye for details, the architecture office of Jan Wichers from Hamburg was able to blend the old with restrained modern...[more]

17. June 2016

Hannover Messe 2016 ...

… In 2016, Siemens also outfitted its exhibition stand once again with lights from mawa design. The single-man revisable lamps with a perfect color rendering index of CRI > 95, and the light of the 4000K LED's...[more]

26. May 2016

Restaurant Herzog, Munich – where good taste is at home ...

Almost as if someone had cried out for the solution »Perfection« – In addition to brilliantly creative cuisine and the best drinks in the city, visitors are treated to an all-around, feel-good atmosphere. Light elements in four...[more]

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