03. November 2014

wittenberg LED-spotlight now with CRI > 90 ...

As of 01/11/14 all wittenberg LED-spotlight 2700K and 3000K are delivered with CRI > 90.[more]

31. October 2014

open air price cutting ...

price cutting as of November 1th, 2014 Technical data: aluminum, finely structured powder-coated metallic varnish DB 703, open air 1: wall arm, open air 3: ceiling mount, with acrylic...[more]

27. October 2014

All LED ...

yeah our new LED brochure ...[more]

14. October 2014

Telescope polished chrome …

price cutting as of October 15th, 2014 Technical data: wittenberg spot head,simple and precise positioning, electronic transformer in housing, LV: GY6,35 for QT12 35W/12V Osram Halostar ECO. Please order borosilicate glass and...[more]

10. October 2014

… Monument of national importance  …

The Schadow House is a classical building from the early 19th century, specifically 1805. The famous prussian sculptor, Johann Gottfried Schadow (1764–1850), who created the Quadriga sculpture on the Brandenburg Gate,...[more]

03. September 2014

New ...

Brilliant: the new variations of eintopf, etna and linestra 7 in copper and brass shine! Highly recommended, and not only for hommage, eintopf and etna – the vosLED-lamp –...[more]

07. August 2014

... backdrop for politics ... Venice Biennale 2014

Restauration of the AKM (Atatürk Culture Center and Opera House on Taksim Square in Istanbul) halted in 2013 — A courageous statement from curator Murat Tabanlıoğlu. Turkey is participating in the Venice...[more]

16. July 2014

We are forward and backward compatible ...

New technologies offer ever quickening access to new possibilities. Many manufacturers have adapted to the extent that products from today are no longer available tomorrow. At Mawa, we use the newest technologies in our classics....[more]

10. July 2014

Nicht nur für deutsche Bratwurst, auch für argentinisches Steak ...

And we have good taste! The Mawa team sends you greetings from PALM HOF. If you would like receive one of 10 bottles of PALM HOF Ketchup, then send us an email with your exact delivery address asap. The date / time of the...[more]

02. July 2014

We understand light ...

4. candelas. In our internal test measurement lab, we can prepare in advance, and control during production, that all technical European standards and guidelines are always maintained. We measure the color rendering index...[more]

04. June 2014

come to venice ...

For the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Deutsche Werkbund Berlin (German association of architects, designers and industrialists in Berlin), is showing an exhibition on the question of today's modern...[more]

14. May 2014

mawa backstage ...

Wir gratulieren zur Nominierung »Deutschen Lichtdesign-Preis 2014« der Firma »WHITEvoid interactive art & design«, Christopher Bauder, aus Berlin, nominiert in der Kategorie Lichtkunst, für FLUIDIC-SCULPTURE IN MOTION...[more]

17. April 2014

We think backwards ...

Our LED development for the wittenberg system is forward and backward compatible. Backward compatability: Existing spotlights in low voltage versions can be exchanged for LEDs without any structural changes. Therefore Mawa...[more]

24. March 2014

... One more for the road ...

Following 1. Place, Design prize Brandenburg and the interior innovation award 2014 - designation "best of the best" , now this: Red Dot Award, lighting design winner. Our Minister of Economics Christoffers proposed...[more]

17. March 2014

The smallest makes it big !

Seventies »70’s« – the new luminaire series from mawa. Track-mounted spotlights, surface-mounted, and suspended lamps. Compact dimensions, no visible connections, 365° rotatable  and 90° tiltable, integrated transformer...[more]

27. February 2014

Thanks to José Manuel Barroso

On March 4th, 2014, the EU directive 874/2012 goes into effect, calling for energy labelling of electrical lamps and luminaires in trade. Mawa will send the necessary energy label, flexibly and quickly, by electronic...[more]

31. January 2014

Music house Einsiedeln Abbey

Music has a long tradition at Einsiedeln Abbey and its charter school.The new music house connects the main baroque building with the newer parts of the school. The Basel architecture office of Diener & Diener...[more]

21. January 2014

Best of Best ...

Reduction to "the essence" plus innovative technology combined with excellent craftsmanship prevails. Our newest spotlight development FlatBoxLED is impossible to ignore.  2014 Interior Innovation Award, best of...[more]

15. January 2014

Here's to 2014 ...

The High Tech Manufacturer sends greetings for the new year with a new invention: The mawa oblong-threaded-blind hole, here for example, the M3 Welcome...Mawa extends a warm welcome to the Hamburger duo, Andreas...[more]

12. December 2013

We Brandenburger's are inventive ...

mawa folded housing, mawa closure for revision without tools, IP54 certified in overhead installation, now with newest LED technology…made in Brandenburg... quadrat 320 ab led The »Quadrat« series is...[more]

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