28. November 2013

pera ...

 Our new LED exterior light "pera", with an anodised layer thickness of 20 microns, is, in the truest sense of the word "seaworthy" (salt-water resistant). The solid housing, milled from a single piece of...[more]

25. November 2013

mawa is green!

Innovation Award ...We are excited for the Innovation Award, endowed with 750€, from the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark. Our Langerwisch Fire Department is even more thrilled to have received the 750€,  increased to 2000€ by...[more]

21. November 2013


Our »FlatBoxLED« track mounted spotlight, no longer nameless thanks to the numerous responses to our last newsletter, was awarded first prize yesterday in the best of class selection for Product Design at the Brandenburg Design...[more]

08. November 2013

Brandenburg ...

We don't have a name just yet - but the first nomination is already here. With the working title "Linelight", our newest LED development designed by Dinnebier + Blieske has now joined the race.*...should we...[more]

22. October 2013

Grange Plein Sud

In Wallis, the Swiss Architect Yves Morin has transformed a local typical barn and stable into a ... >                            ...[more]

12. September 2013

Hallo Sylt

der von MYARCHITECTS neu gestaltete und im Juli wiedereröffnete Iris von Arnim Flagshipstore in Kampen ist auch an dunklen Tagen hell beleuchtet.  Hier geht es zur Reverenz ... >[more]

12. September 2013

Hallo München

schau nach oben, wittenberg im Iris von Arnim Flagshipstore München. Hier geht es zur Referenz ... >[more]

09. August 2013


Price increases as of August 31th, 2013. [more]

09. August 2013

High tech in the head ...

Following the update of our low voltage reflector, the new generation of the "wittenberg" LED spot head is here. The LED spot head reveals a 27% reduction in power consumption with a simultaneous increase in luminous...[more]

04. July 2013

Heimweh nach Linestra ...

denkt beim Wischen Eurer Tränen an Manuel Barroso, Euren EU Kommissions Präsidenten, aber aus diesem Land kommt Abhilfe.Wir trotzen der Ausphasung im September 2013, massenweise "linestra" Leuchtmittel S14D in...[more]

04. July 2013

Grüezi, Grüß Gott & Dien dobry ...

Unsere Schweizer Vertretung ist ab sofort für Sie erreichbar unter: Codes SA  Alex Kurmis  Viaduktstrasse 75  8005 Zürich  tel +41 44 275  2050...[more]

10. June 2013

Istanbul and Alfred Nobel ...

... We sincerely hope that the Turkish government addresses future civil protests peacefully, for only when „the people benefit", is it appropriate to commemorate the Testaments of Alfred Nobel for the Nobel...[more]

29. May 2013

Video,Video,Video ...

unser neues Wittenberg Video ist da ... >[more]

28. May 2013

High tech reflectors thanks to Willy Brandt Airport ...

A new generation of low voltage Wittenberg reflectors in 15°/30°/45° In the specialty field of airport runway lighting, resulting from successful teamwork with an engineering office, we have been able to develop a new high tech...[more]

03. May 2013

Beleuchtet ...

Das frühklassizistische Gebäude der Tierarzneischule mit Anatomischem Theater erbaut von Carl Gotthard Langhans entstand im Jahr 1790 zeitgleich mit dem Brandenburger Tor. Es gehört heute zu den wichtigsten Baudenkmälern...[more]

08. April 2013

Sina recommends ...

FLUIDIC - Sculpture in Motion auf der Milan Design Week 2013 mit Hightech made in Brandenburg.Mawa Design fertigte hierfür die gesamte Trägerstruktur mit Präzisions-CNC-Maschinen. Zeichnung von Sina (Tochter des Projektleiters...[more]

11. March 2013

... hurra hurra 2013

Nominiert zu sein das freut uns sehr, Special Mention noch viel mehr ... Doppelt hält bekanntlich besser: Nach dem red dot Design Award 2012 erhält Mawa Design für den Produktkatalog No.5 im Wittenberg Präsentationskoffer jetzt...[more]

21. February 2013

... also as floor light

pu 2 available immediately in 12 attractive tones[more]

18. February 2013

Available ...

pu 1 TABLE LIGHT available immediately in 12 attractive tones ... > [more]

29. January 2013

one piece update ...

op 5 WALLWASHER now newly available overlaid with a point grid (raster) print for a smooth and soft transition of the lit surface onto its surroundings ... >op 6 CEILING WASHER the newly developed reflector geometry ensures...[more]

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