Let’s just say: our special for the oyster shuckers


...of course our powder coating is suitable for exterior use, but we can go one better:

We can treat "beelitz", "mono" and, of course, our custom exterior lights as well, to be "salt-water resistant," and by that we mean resistant to real sea water. Not only will the northerner be thrilled, but also our Norwegian customers, because weather on the Norwegian west coast can sometimes be rather bitter…

Even our very own northerner Mawa (Martin Wallroth) is amazed.

Mawa "salt-water resistant," means:
Aluminum is chromated prior to receiving the color coating. It goes without saying that we take the environment into account during this process.

Our chromate bath is not only chrome-free but, in addition, our water is channeled through it’s own recirculation system, thereby fulfilling the highest standards in environmental protection. Next the light is treated with a special sea-water resistant primer, this being the process for stainless steel as well, and only then is it powder-coated according to RAL.

A very good thing, it is...

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