A new landmark …

... Herzog & de Meuron from Basel wanted to create a new landmark in Hamburg. Certainly, they have managed to provoke discussion regarding the extension of the opening of the Philharmonic on the river Elbe. But who can complain when the biggest, unfinished airport construction site (BBI - Berlin Brandenburg International) is on one's own doorstep? Additional topics of conversation regarding the Philharmonic include the showcase apartment on top by the interior designer Kate Hume from Amsterdam. She furnished the show apartment to attract potential buyers. With an eye for detail, her task didn't end with the selection of upholstery fabric and an exclusive carpet, but extended through to the lighting concept for the sophisticated cosmopolite.


Mawa Design proudly presents its »wittenberg« lighting series, looking its finest, in the custom color, anodized gold. A homogenous carpet of light composed of nearly 100 spots extends across 400 square meters. Angular »messing« lighting from the house of mawa design perfectly illuminates the luxurious bathroom mirror of the future owner. In the short term, these northern lights won't suffer from a lack of conversation. project Link ... >

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