Stone by stone ...

… no. Presumptions about Brandenburgers abound: it's often said they can't drive and most of the time end up "parked" against a tree. But lacking pragmatism - no. That's not one of their weaknesses. 4 CNC milling machines, 2 CNC bending machines, 1 CNC folding machine, 1 CNC bolt countersinking machine, 1 CNC automatic saw, 1 CNC bolt welding machine, 1 CNC lathe and a CNC welding robot using the CMT process - our workshop is bursting at the seams.
 And what about our resourceful northern light Martin Wallroth? He's reliving his childhood and building with blocks. They're a little bit bigger now. Specifically speaking - shipping containers. Nearly 360qm of additional space will be created and naturally not without attention to design. In addition to space for design and production, there will also be room for a lighting lab containing our own photogoniometer. Respect the forklift.

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