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Koepenick Town Hall, Berlin

Restored for the occasion of their 100th birthday jubilee in 2005, the historical assembly hall and the main stairway of Koepenick Town Hall are newly resplendent. For nearly one year, artistic painters, carpenters, and interior decorators worked on the town hall, professionally supervised by restoration specialists and historical preservationists.

Mawa Design contributed ceiling lights from the “Wittenberg” system to this project. A total of 11 ceiling lights were manufactured with diameters of 100 - 170 cm.
Spotlights in the stairway space are outfitted with special low energy light bulbs, delivering optimal lighting with a life expectancy of 15,000 hours.

Scope of Work

  • 4 x “Wittenberg” ceiling lights, ø= 140 cm
  • 12 spotlights each, light source: Megaman 9W
  • 6 x “Wittenberg” ceiling lights, ø=100 cm
  • 9 spotlights each, light source: Megaman 9W
  • 1 “Wittenberg” ceiling light, ø=170 cm with 6 spotlights, light source: Megaman 9W


  • Mawa Design GmbH
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