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Our QM-System is regularly monitored, according to certification regulations, by DEKRA.

Zero Tolerance for Product Piracy

Product pirates, imitators and counterfeiters are not a new phenomenon, yet these manufacturers continue to massively damage the original creators, the innovative strengths, the engineering efforts, and German business – us. mawa pays close attention to these developments and takes both preventative and active measures in response. Recently, we were also the victims of a massive attack: In March, 2018, we proudly presented our wittenberg 4.0® product family to the world at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt/Main, before our owner discovered products with the exact same look and accessories at the Hongkong International Lighting Fair just six months later. Even our product presentation from the Light+Building, including our color concept and graphics were brazenly copied by the Chinese manufacturer.

mawa – we love original

We are a manufacturing company with our own manufacturing facility, design and development department, as well as our own lighting laboratory. We are made in Germany. Designing a product like the wittenberg 4.0® series takes years of work by our employees and partner companies.
Countless prototypes, test runs, and official examinations must be undertaken before we are happy and the finished product is ready for delivery. Product pirates and copycats take the easy road and ignore years of work and development, the costly investment, and the numerous industrial property rights. That the resulting product and light quality suffer considerably, or that statutory regulations are largely ignored, is apparently considered acceptable business to them.

Copies at the Hongkong International Lighting Fair 2018:

  • Exhibition stand and presentation (Light + Building 2018)
  • The complete product line of the “wittenberg 4.0”
  • The complete color and material concept for “wittenberg 4.0”
  • The graphic design and presentation of “wittenberg 4.0”
  • Products from the “seventies” series
  • Photographs of “seventies” series products

Resolute, determined, and standing tough against product copies

We have already heard from several clients and business partners, that a copycat manufacturer claims to have a direct relationship with our products and even advertises using mawa. Product piracy, copies and counterfeits, are not trivial offenses, nor are they a compliment. If products discovered by customs at the EU border are not immediately destroyed, our law firms will resolutely pursue action – both nationally and internationally – to protect the legal rights and patents of mawa, and importers and manufacturers will have to deal with the legal consequences. We have dealt with such offenses successfully in the past and will continue in this manner more forcibly in the future.
We highly advise consumers not to buy product copies and imitations. In addition to possible quality deficiencies, it is unclear whether these products have been manufactured either fairly or sustainably, nor whether they comply with common standards and regulations. Products such as these may contain serious safety deficiencies and may pose a danger to life and limb.

We cannot allow our knowledge, our ideas, and our expertise to be copied and sold in a lesser quality. Behind all of our products is an enormous amount of work, specialist knowledge, and a passion for light.
If you are unsure of the authenticity of one of our products, or if you would like to help, please contact us under info@mawa-design.de – Thank you very much!





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