Sustainable action – mawa is green


Producing lamps with innovative technologies and manufacturing processes* just outside Berlin is an integral part of mawa’s credo. Our high esteem for quality can also be seen at our administrative headquarters in Michendorf, which is a carefully restored and listed four-sided farmyard. On the roof of the Seddin production facility, an 88 kWp photovoltaic system with a total of 40 kWh Tesla Power Walls generates a self-supply share of over 60 % during the summer months. mawa’s goal is to increase the self-supply share to 100 % in 2021.


In the development and design of luminaires and light systems, mawa does not follow fashionable trends, but focuses on designs that promise longevity. The consideration of the entire development, production and sales process includes the ecological perspective ⎯ from production to the end of a product’s life.
We think and produce forward and backward compatible. This means that light systems already in use can be converted while retaining the hardware. For example, we can convert from halogen to LED technology.
The light systems are modular. The individual components can be exchanged and expanded without tools as requirements change. They are easy to dismantle, repairable and reusable.

“You can see an influence of the classical modern age on our core business – the technical lighting systems that mawa produces. Thereby we always pursue an important goal with new developments: sustainability, also in design – i.e. our products must be durable, preferably also resistant to trends, functioning technically and optically after years of use – to put it brief: ageing with dignity. I think this is our greatest contribution to sustainability.”

Martin Wallroth, founder and managing partner


mawa’s climate-conscious attitude towards the environment is also evident in the packaging. We reject the marketing-driven high-gloss aesthetics of electrical and electronic goods: Brown folding cartons are sealed with environmentally friendly paper tape and recyclable wrapping paper protects the products during transport.


mawa gives a five-year warranty on hardware and a three-year warranty on electrical components.

*Bioethanol as a milling coolant, avoidance of special waste, aluminium and paper recycling

The carefully restored and listed four-sided courtyard in Michendorf.
mawa’s light tools are developed and produced at the Seddiner See site.
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