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The world’s largest Flip Dot installation.

Photo: Emre Dörter

Illumination for one of the most astonishing
archaeological finds of the 21st century

Photo: mawa design

Customized luminaires for cultural diversity

mawa manufactures individual luminaires for historical monuments, art exhibitions and unique architectural objects

For more than 40 years, mawa has been working with architects and designers to create the most sophisticated lighting solutions for historical monuments, art exhibitions and unique architectural objects. mawa develops, designs, produces and assembles in its own DEKRA-certified manufacturing facility near Potsdam. Would you like to have a unique luminaire developed for a historical monument, or your personal luminaire collection for a residential building? Please contact us.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Surface finishing technology
and colour variety

mawa can do any colour – all RAL colours are available on request, as well as high-gloss surfaces in chrome, brass, burnished brass or copper. Anodised surfaces can be convincingly imitated with our special “mawa Eloxal” powder coating. This is not only more homogeneous, but also 100% reproducible.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Quality control to the highest standards

mawa has an own lighting laboratory. Here, all measurements are carried out according to recognised standards and specific quality criteria. After manufacturing and assembly of our products, DEKRA-certified testing and documentation is carried out to ensure that hardware and software function reliably.

Lighting design
on an equal footing

mawa unites intelligent robotics with solid crafts. Accordingly, the latest CNC technologies and a wide range of experts can be found under one roof. Engineers, lighting designers, production technicians and fitters work interdisciplinary and combine the experience of more than 40 years. We are delighted to share our knowledge with you.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

mawa’s high vertical range of manufacture is the key to individually manufactured luminaires.”

Daniel Frey, Chief Designer at mawa

Photo: WFBB


For mawa customized products” means being open and willing to experiment to turn the customer’s creative ideas into reality. Highly qualified engineers and designers speak their language and translate it into unique lighting solutions.

Photo: mawa design

Also part of the mawa team: a CNC welding robot (CMT), a CNC bolt-welding machine and, naturally, professionals for manual CMT and TIG welding.

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To ensure the highest quality, mawa continuously updates their machinery. 5 CNC milling machines with up to 5 axes each, housed in a separate machine room under constant temperature and humidity, allow for dimensional precision up to 0.01 mm.

Photo: Martin Tervoort


Individual customer demands can also be realised in smaller quantities. Innovative solutions for details that push the limits of what is technically practicable: the continuously expanding machine park makes this possible. This includes numerous semi-automatic and fully automatic CNC-based saws for semifinished products and bevel cutting. mawa especially benefits from the size of the custom-made vertical CNC panel saw, with precision accuracy in an extra-large cutting range of 2.00 × 5.00 m with metal thicknesses of 50 mm.

Photo: mawa design


Two CNC lathes (one of which has power-driven tools) ultrasonic cleaning unit (28 l), sandblasting booth, punch presses, hydraulic cable shears, electric squaring shears, automatic machines for cutting cables, stripping and crimping wire end ferrules are available for complex cross-linked production at mawa.

Photo: Leon Kopplow


Every detail counts at mawa. The benchmark-setting quality of our metal-working is evident in the surface finishes, corners, and connections of all our products. This is achieved by trained employees and by precision tools, such as the disc finishing machine used for deburring, the automatic planetary grinding belt and various grinding machines (up to 4,000 mm in length).

Photo: mawa design


One of the reasons architects love mawa: to the promise of realising everything imaginable, extensive experience also makes the difference. With CNC bending machines, suitable luminaires can be made from tubes and profiles for the most complex situations. Roll bending and folding is a standard feature.


From 2020, a robot supports the very well-trained mawa employees as an assistant during assembly.

Photo: Leon Kopplow