Focusing Accessory for seP-11-d2

This tool allows the beam radiation angle to be quickly and freely adjusted between 15°−50°


Three high performance reflectors (Spot Reflector 16°, Medium Reflector 22° and Flood Reflector 30°) with an efficiency < 90% are available to choose from.

Reflectors  »

Glass Lenses

A borosilicate glass lens and a sculptural lens are available to choose from.

LSD light shaping diffusor

for expanding the beam angle


zur Entblendung des Strahlers

Shutter  »

light colors

By default
3000K, 2600 lm, 26W, CRI> 90 supplied. Alternative light colors are available.

Regulable 4-sheds barndoors, specially developed for light aplication in museums and galeries.

Eutrac-in-trac track adapter

Totally embedded and absolutely flush with in the track. 

Accessory holder necessary for attachment of honeycomb grid or anti-glare flaps.

A black honeycomb grid can be added to reduce sideways glare from the spotlight.

Glass suction cup tool available for the exchange of various reflectors and lenses.

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