goldener schnitt 2

Pendant light

Unit with only one move due to the tensegrity prinicip

This light interprets the golden section, its relationship reflected in the edge lengths of the rectangular light frames.

These rectangular frames represent the three golden rectangles within an icosahedron, the most complex of the five Platonic solids – consisting of twenty equilateral triangles. These equilateral triangles are represented by tensile cables which suspend the three frames in position without touching one another – as per the Tensegrity principle.

The inside edges of the rectangular frames contain continuous LED-bands with satin-finished acrylic glass covers which illuminate both the surrounding room and the structure of the object itself.

Price on request
Depending on the configuration selected, the total may differ from the base price:
Lighting technology / configuration
Lutz Köbele-Lipp
Aluminum powder coated
ø 600 × 480 mm
Cable 2000 mm
Gesamtpendellänge inkl. Leuchte
3 × LED strip, 73,5 W (3 × 24,5 W)
LED module
Ra > 90
Color rendering index
Control gear
ca. 3.500 g
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