recessed mawa profile

Recessed profile

The new mawa recessed profile is multifunctional and can be plastered into the ceiling without edges.


The multifunctional, recessed mawa profile is suitable for rimless integration into plastered ceilings. Standard finishes are anodised black and powder coated white. Depending on transport, lengths up to 4,00m are available. Individual lengths can be tailored customized on request. Connectors and corner elements provide easy extension and great variety of shapes. Eutrac tracks and mawa profile downlights can comfortably be inserted – optionally flush or recessed. Eutrac tracks are not included, can be ordered additionally.


A large selection of the mawa profile lights from the series wittenberg 4.0, seventies, seventies plus and fbl are compatible with Eutrac. In case a recessed track insertion is intended, please specify clearly within your request, since all track lights need to be equipped with in-trac Adaptors (or InviTrack Adapter) and extended shafts to maintain the full turn and swivel function.


Eutrac tracks and mawa profile downlights can be installed at two different heights within the recessed mawa profile. An alternating arrangement is also conceivable. That provides and almost unlimited freedom for creativity. In general the profile provides extensive space for cabling above the lighting components. Large openings in end caps and corner elements allow convenient electric feeding.

Price on request
Depending on the configuration selected, the total may differ from the base price:
Lighting technology / configuration
mawa design
mawa design
1 – 4 m and customized cut
Produktinformation | mw-eb
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Montageanleitung | mw-eb
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Übersicht | mawa Einbauprofil, Stromschienen und Adapter – richtig kombiniert
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