High-tech poured into concrete

© Foto: Chris Keller

The Rathaus plaza is one of the most important public spaces in the Berlin district of Wedding. Since its renovation in 2018, it impresses with its new spatial quality and offers designated areas for individual uses, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Including a "reading garden", which invites you to linger on spacious benches. Oversized reading lamps constructed of concrete, complete the scenery and transform it into a cozy outdoor living room at night.

Three custom-made modules of our »fbl« series, built into the lighting shaft, illuminate the colored interior of the lampshade and enlivens the appearance of the colored light. For exactly positioned openings at the concrete casting, mawa produced the necessary moulded inserts, including placeholders for the cable runs. After completion, the light modules were mounted on site.

The redesign was awarded the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2019. We congratulate ANNABAU GmbH on its success.


© Foto: Hanns Joosten

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