Quiet please?

The theme central to the current edition of WOHN!DESIGN magazin, deals with the subject of deceleration and simply slowing down… Simplicity as an attitude, that, in our hectic consumer-oriented and stress-battered times is increasingly gaining ground.Simplicity in the sense of quieter, calmer design, is a feature characteristic of the wittenberg 4.0 lighting series, which is why mawa is very pleased to be a part of this issue.
















Photo: Stefan Lucks

wi4-ab-1ov-2-d2w: Sounds like a password, but in this case it stands for candlelight by LED. The spotlight with a brass control knob is continuously dimmable and flicker-free in the standard dim-to-warm configuration.



Incidentally: Dimmable light is associated with relaxation and simply slowing down as well. Researchers will certainly also want to have ascertained that dimmable light helps people make rational decisions and leads to better negotiation results. Our best advice is to try it for yourself. The coming winter will offer plenty of opportunities.

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