Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Perfect light for increased well-being

On the outskirts of Eisenberg, surrounded by trees in the hilly landscape of Thüringen, lies the largest Orthopedic University Hospital in Europe. The award-winning hospital enjoys an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally.

Designed by the pen of the reknowned Milanese architect Matteo Thun, the innovative building reflects the high standard required of the aesthetic and quality of stay. His credo: Bring nature inside. Healthy architecture and healthy interior design promote physical and mental well-being. Following this principle, the architecture and design studio created the new hospital building with hotel-quality comfort.

mawa illuminates nearly all areas of this sensational, circular construction. The building, flooded with light, is symbiotically supplemented with individual lighting concepts. Form, function and design are consistently the main focus, and mawa continually accompanies the process of implementation with advice and support.

Project Developer and Client

Waldkliniken Eisenberg GmbH

Architecture (design)

Matteo Thun & Partners, Mailand

Architecture (realisation)

HDR GmbH, Düsseldorf

Electrical Planning

GNUSE Ingenieurbüro für Krankenhaustechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Erfurt


D-I-E Elektro AG, Jena

Project management mawa design

Anja Bröscky


Stefan Wolf Lucks
mawa design

Scope of services

25 × berliner ring 1 up- and downlight pendant light br1-ud, ∅ 800 mm
2 × berliner ring linear up- and downlight pendant lights br1-ud-l, 5000 mm

242 × bullauge ceiling lights bu6, ∅ 450 / 600 / 800 / 1000 mm
4 × bullauge ceiling lights bu 2a, ∅ 200 mm

24 × d28 recessed lights d28-eb-1r
18 × d28 pendant lights, like d28-eb

124 × glass globe light led ku3 ku3-1-3000-gc

5 × glass globe light led ku3 ku3-1-3000-go

14 × oval office wall lights, wie ov4, 235 mm (custom-made)
105 × oval office wall lights ov4, 375 mm
229 × oval office wall lights, wie ov4, 655 mm (custom-made)
2 × oval office pendant lights ov6

19 × seventies surface-mounted spotlights se-21, special colour pine green (RAL 6028)

117 × tesechzehn wall lights

69 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed lights wi4-eb-1r
1566 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed lights wi4-eb-1r-dl
473 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed lights wi4-eb-1r-dl-IP44
1 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed lights wi4-eb-2ov
13 × wittenberg 4.0 surface-mounted spotlights wi4-ab-1ov
68 × wittenberg 4.0 track spotlights wi4-str
1 × wittenberg 4.0 crown light, ∅ 800 mm

The round building allows a view of the green from every patient room and underlines the connection to nature and the region.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

»Guests« – patients and visitors alike – can sit together or eat in the bar, bistro, restaurant or piazza.Its coffered wooden ceiling represents the high standards of the materials used and the desire to integrate the theme of »forest« into the architectural language. mawa stages this special room with 25 pendant luminaires berliner ring. Consisting of two circular profiles, they accentuate the wooden ceiling as well as the tables below.

In addition to materials, a well-considered colour composition plays a special role in the building. Defined specifically for each floor, they are not only a design element but also part of the guidance system.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

High-quality surfaces contribute to the aesthetics of the room. The luminaires from mawa fit seamlessly into this concept with their high quality standards and precise workmanship. Slim d28 rod pendant luminaires in chrome, wall luminaires from the wittenberg 4.0 series with brass rotary dimmers and spherical luminaires with metallised glasses emphasise the scene. The light colours were determined according to use.

The two project-specific versions of the berliner ring 1 pendant luminaire provide the best light in the synagogue. Consisting of two filigree profiles each, separated by a shadow gap, they convince with homogeneous light emission upwards and downwards.
The five-metre-long luminaires were manufactured in one piece, which gives them a particularly even surface without segmentations. The lighting intensity can be regulated in a user-friendly way via DALI and adapted to the respective situation.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Patients of the Jewish faith can now also fully practise their religion during their hospital stay. The new synagogue is located in the innovative ward round building and complements the interdenominational prayer room in the existing building.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks
Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Individually manufactured luminaires: made in Germany