Photo: Johanna Ruebel
Photo: Johanna Ruebel

Martins Church Cottbus-Madlow

Recessed luminaires in the entry area

Located on the banks of the river Spree, the late-gothic, brick church was built at the end of the 14th century, and is the oldest church building in the Cottbus region. Upon entering the church nave, one is greeted with a modern, friendly, and clearly defined space. mawa’s wittenberg spotlights, skillfully integrated into columns and furnishings, precisely accent the ceiling in the entry area beneath the organ gallery.

Planung und Realisierung

BvdM Architekten, J. Buder, C.v.d. Mülbe


Johanna Ruebel

Scope of services

4 × wittenberg 4.0 recessed spotlight wi4-eb-1r
NV, DB 702

Photo: Johanna Ruebel
Photo: Johanna Ruebel