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Astrophysics Institute of Potsdam

Wittenberg profiles with a length of 12m were finished in burnished brass for the main building of the Astrophysics Institute of Potsdam (AIP). The two, 3-part profiles, with a total of 17 low voltage spotlights and 6 TC-L up-lights, illuminate two, mirror-imaged, access passageways arranged on either side of the main domed structure, each connecting to a neighboring observatory. The Wittenberg profiles accentuate antique astronomy equipment showcased in display cabinets along the way.

Two Wittenberg circular chandeliers with diameters of 3m each hang appropriately in two domed galleries, both fitted with low voltage spotlights and up-lights as well. In the half-basement, “Havanna” pendant lamps harmonize with the vaulted ceilings.

Eight-armed chandeliers, equipped with 54W T16 lamps and raster shields, hang above the scientists’ workstations in the domed offices.

Arc chandeliers, finished in chromed brass, hang above the reading circles in the new library. The lamp arms and power supplies disappear invisibly into the built-in shelving.

Scope of Work

  • Hallway illumination provided by 2 Wittenberg profiles with a total of 17 low voltage spotlights 
  • Ceiling illumination in the two domed galleries provided by Wittenberg circular chandeliers, each with 24 spotlights and up-lights
  • Two 8-armed, star shaped, chandeliers in the offices with workstations

Lighting Design

  • Joachim Kleine-Allekotte


  • Mawa Design GmbH
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