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Auditorium Firlstrasse in Berlin

The auditorium of the Firlstrasse Junior High School, in the borough of Koepenick in Berlin, was built at the end of 19th century. Historical preservationists and building authorities worked closely together with the lighting designers from Mawa on a solution that not only addresses the technical lighting requirements, but also supports the historical built environment. Separate switching of up and down-lights, as well as dimming capabilities, allow various lighting scenes to be achieved depending on room usage. The ceilings are particularly emphasized with up-lights utilizing specially developed wide-angle reflectors. Exterior surfaces of the side panels are satin-finished and constructed of special, light conducting Plexiglas, creating the appearance of glass.

Jueterbog wall sconce models, also dimmable, create broad swaths of light on the walls, the result of the lamps’ light distribution curve that was specially developed for such applications. A convex glass cover prevents a view of the bulbs for an ideal supplement to the chandeliers.

Scope of Work

  • Individually hung chandelier pairs, up and down-lights are separately dimmable
  • A total of 3 chandeliers, each measuring 1x 2m in diameter and 1x 0,9m with a special canopy. 2m with 38 x G9/ 50 watt, as up and down-light, as well as 0,9m 16 G9, as up and down-light, H-metal structure, finely-structured silver, powder-coating with special glare panels of 3mm Plexiglas, single-sided satin finish
  • 12x Jueterbog model wall sconces, 2G 11/ 36 Watt (control cable 1-10V)


  • Mawa Design GmbH
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