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Berliner Congress Centrum

The Berlin Congress Center on Alexanderplatz belongs to the House of Teachers built by Hermann Henselmann in 1963. The futuristic event center has much to offer the discerning eye of a lighting designer.

In the spacious domed hall, approximately 1000 recessed ceiling lights create the impression of a starry sky. Each individual light was restored and upgraded with modern halogen technology. The central 300 cylinders were lengthened in order to extend through the new acoustic ceiling the same distance as the other 700 lights. Walking in the hallway around the main hall, approximately 250 wall washers recessed into the turquoise ceiling in a circular fashion, highlight the interior wall surrounding the domed hall, creating a very modern indirect lighting effect. All of the lights in this area were also upgraded or newly fabricated as well. Energy saving compact fluorescent lamps with 2 x 18W were installed, dimmable with a modern Dali system. The original glass was replaced with high dispersion acrylic glass. Three-meter long light bands, recessed flush with the ceiling and fitted with new T5 lamps run parallel to the large plate glass window fronts. Here again, the glass covers were replaced with high dispersion acrylic. These light bands were replicated in the new bathrooms and were used on all floors of the high-rise building.

The most difficult challenge was the reconstruction of two chandeliers above the snail shaped staircases. The only available historical information consisted of photos and a large hole in the ceiling. Each 2.5m diameter chandelier was fitted with 125 bulbs; half with cylindrical glass shades and half uncovered in a random manner.


  • Mawa Design GmbH, publicity photos from T-Online in BCC

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