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German Central Bank, Berlin

Ceiling luminaries consisting of a stainless steel ring-shaped pipe with a diameter of 300mm for mounting the technical infrastructure, and an acrylic glass bowl-shaped body measuring 1600 mm in diameter x 270 mm high. Sixteen compact fluorescent lamps, 55 watts each, are arranged in a circular manner around the mounting pipe. For stability and better light distribution, each of the 16 lamps is mounted on an adjustable arm.

Mawa also produced custom lights for the large counter hall and hallways, as well as refurbished existing lights. Each of the 20 large custom luminaries, house the entire technical infrastructure within the body of the light. This includes dimmable electronic ballasts, as well as bulbs and an emergency light module. Each acrylic body component was given a matte satin finish by Mawa. The iris of the light as well as the hanging rod, manufactured of polished stainless steel, reflects the image of the individual lights once again. The counter hall is visible from the street and the ability to dim the lights makes it possible to present the space in a variety of different moods.

Scope of Work

  • 20 ceiling luminaries, stainless steel with acrylic glass body, ø 1600 mm with 16 x 55W Dulux L LM, interior mounted emergency light module


  • Stefan Günther, Berlin
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