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Humboldt University, Berlin

Mawa Design manufactured “humboldt uni” hanging lamps in custom sizes for the entrance hall of the School for Applied Economics at Humboldt University in Berlin.

In this version, the suspension, as well as the friars cap and canopy, were chromed.

In the entrance hall and the stairwells, the lights wind like a ribbon through the corridors.


In the cafeteria area, Mawa Design installed recessed lighting seamlessly integrated into the heating and ventilation ducts. The white powder-coated recessed lights emanate to the ground and to the side, can change scenes and are dimmable.

The clear form of the furnishings and lighting reflects the pre-existing rhythm of the air vents.

Scope of Work

  • 80 “humboldt uni” hanging lamps, ø 580 mm
  • Bulb: circular 55W
  • Emergency light acceptable ballast
  • Chromed suspension, friars cap, and canopy
  • 40 recessed ceiling lights


  • Mawa Design GmbH (Daniel Haym)
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