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Luckenwalde Library

For the renovation of the Luckenwalde Library and its sensational new addition, Mawa Design specially constructed 3 “Bullseye” lights, each nearly 1 meter in diameter. The entire technical infrastructure is hidden within the light and covered on top with an acrylic iris. Standard lights from the “Bullseye” series harmoniously complete the youth space of the library.

Scope of Work

  • Three, 2-part, surface-mounted, custom “Bullseye” lights, consisting of a rear element for securing the technical infrastructure, and a round casing with an interior mounted acrylic glass plate. Measurements: ø950mm, Height: approx.170mm, Equipped with: DuluxL 4x55 watts + 4x24 watts = 318 watts total, Electronic ballast: 2x QT-FQ 2x24/230-240 CW and 2x QT-FQ 2x80, Surface: RAL 7044 powdered matt finish
  • 6 surface-mounted “Bullseye” bu3pl, with 1x22 watts and 1x40 watts


  • Mawa Design GmbH (Daniel Haym)
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