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Monument state Council of the German Democratic Republic, Berlin

The historically listed State Council building was built from 1962 until 1964, to house the State Council of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The building, located on Schlossplatz 1 in Berlin-Mitte was also used for awards and recognition ceremonies as well as diplomatic receptions.
A facade of sandstone and red granite decorates the structural steel skeleton. Integrated onto the facade are damaged, repaired, and newly rebuilt parts of the entry portal from the demolished Berlin City Palace, including the balcony from which Liebknecht gave his famous speech on Nov. 9, 1918, declaring a free socialist republic.
Offices, conference rooms, banquet halls, and ballrooms, in addition to the so-called Diplomats Hall on the upper floor, are housed in the interior of the building. Chancellor Gerhard Schröder used the State Council building as a provisionary Federal Chancellery from 1999 until 2001. Following two years of renovation and restoration work, a new era was begun when the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) moved into the building. Mawa Design restored numerous existing lamps in the building, equipping them with modern energy saving technology. Centrally managed IT infrastructure provides enormous savings related to daily use of the building. More than 250 lights were refurbished. Existing lights were outfitted with digitally controlled it-Tridonic System-Technology. The dismantling and remounting of lights on site was undertaken at heights of up to 12 meters.

Scope of Work

  • 4 ceiling lamps with 8x 28W and 1x 40W, dimmable
  • 42 cove luminaries in the stairwell and beneath the landings, with emergency lighting, 2x 28W
  • 2x 10 linear fluorescent lights (Café and Bookshop), 3x 28W and 2x down-lights. 27 recessed ceiling lights, 2-part round, with ring of 6 lamps, 32W each, and 1 central down-light: 250W HV-Halogen
  • 400 square, recessed ceiling lights, 620 x 620 mm, 4x 14W LL. Thirty-five recessed ceiling lights, some with emergency light function, exterior ring with 6 lamps 32W and central down-light with reflector and 250W HV-Halogen bulb.
  • 8 lights with rod/sphere connections (Atomium), each with over 30 bulbs at 40W apiece
  • 32 chandeliers with acrylic glass pendants on suspension rods, 8x 28W, dimmable
  • 12 chandeliers with acrylic glass pendants, 4x 14W, 1x 40W down-light, dimmable
  • 10 linear, 2-part recessed ceiling lights, 3x 54W, with 4 down-lights apiece and 250W HV-Halogen each
  • 2 recessed ceiling lights on each floor, 3x 28W/ T16
  • 7 ceiling lights with satin-finished glass covers, 2x 28W
  • 9 ceiling lamps, 8x 28W and 1x 40W AGL
  • 1 recessed ceiling light with 12 individual bulbs, Drop bulb: PAR38, each with 120W point spotlights
  • 13 surface mounted ceiling lights, type: “Limburg”, white, as well as brass, some with emergency light function
  • 21 recessed ceiling lights, individually damp-proof, 36W each


  • Stefan Günther, Berlin

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