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SBB railway stations Switzerland

If someone takes a trip, then they'll have something to say... for example, that during their trip through Switzerland, they stopped along the way at some of the most beautiful railway stations. Basel, Lucerne, Oerlikon in Zurich, Bellinzona, Porrentruy ... Arbon, Bauma, Oensingen, Frauenfeld, Biel, Zofingen, Effretikon and Payerne are perfectly illuminated with the »seventies« spotlights from mawa design already. Additional stations will follow. The discreet appearance of precision-crafted spotlights paired with excellent light qualities impressed our Swiss confederates (mawa fabricates with Swiss-made precision machinery). No visible screws and easy to change beam dispersion characteristics. German quality and Swiss perfection – a magnificent symbiosis.

Scope of work


  • SBB AG
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