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Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection Stueler building, Berlin

On display in the Scharf-Gerstenberg collection are 300 paintings, sculptures and graphics from the history of fantastic art. The origin was the collection from 1910 of the founder and director-general of Victoria-Insurance, Otto Gerstenberg.

In his villa in Berlin-Dahlem, Gerstenberg built one of the largest art and graphics collections of his time. His grandsons, Walther Scharf and Dieter Scharf now run the collection. Mawa Design, in collaboration with Jan Blieske of Studio Dinnebier, developed a custom version of the recessed “Wittenberg” spotlight for use in the Stueler building, which, through its variability, is perfectly suited for lighting museum rooms. The double, recessed spotlights are built into the drywall ceiling. Outfitted with 2x 50W and black honeycomb baffles, the spotlights permit sufficient illumination of the sensitive art works without blinding viewers.

In the east section of the Stueler building, Mawa Design developed niche lighting with 6 adjustable spotlight heads.

Scope of Work

  • 350x wi-eb-2e-db in RAL 9016 matte white, 2x 50W Osram Energysaver
  • 30x wi-ab-2r “Binoculars,” DB 702, 2x 35W Osram Energysaver
  • 12x wi-6sab, DB 702, 6x 35W Osram Energysaver


  • Mawa Design GmbH (Daniel Haym)
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