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The Schadow House

... is a classical building from the early 19th century, specifically 1805. The famous prussian sculptor, Johann Gottfried Schadow (1764–1850), who created the Quadriga sculpture on the Brandenburg Gate, lived here. After 1945, Schadow House functioned as a residential and commercial building.

For the comprehensive restauration planning, the office of Schlenkhoff Architects oriented themselves primarily to the condition of the building in 1850. Today, Schadow House is used as an administration building by the German Federal Parliament.

Scope of services:

  • »ALKASUM« Surface-mounted spotlight with rotatable and tiltable spot-heads
    96 x wi-sab, 42 x wi-sab + emergency light, 2 x wi-sab + Spot + Radio-controlled
  • wittenberg surface-mounted spotlight, rectangular
    5 x wi-ab-125-2q, 10 x wi-ab-125-2q + Notlicht
  • »BINOCULARS« Surface-mounted spotlight 12 x wi-ab-2r
  • wittenberg Recessed spotlight 10 x wi-eb-2e-db
  • wittenberg Chandelier
    5 x wi-pe-kr-1500-NV, 2 x wi-pe-kr-1700-NV
    custom version with "bulls-eye":
    4 x wi-pe-kr-1000-NV + bu6-450, 3 x wi-pe-kr-1500-NV + bu6-600 


  • DAVIDS - Photo Agency, Sven Darmer
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