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Cylindrical light head with minimalist design – no visible screws disturb the elegant appearance. The wittenberg 4.0 luminaire series achieves high luminous efficacy with compact dimensions, low energy consumption and a large, well glare-free light emission surface.
In addition to wittenberg 4.0 lighting heads, other LED spotlight heads, uplights and downlights, track and LED systems can be integrated into the profile with a width of 125 mm.
In addition to possible lengths of 1 or 2 metres, transport and installation certainly allow profile or segment lengths of up to 4 metres.
Mitre-cut profiles are also possible at various angles. Aluminum housings in standard colors are powder-coated. Production of individual custom lights on request.

IMPORTANT: Product sizes and configurations shown are exemplary and can be adapted on a project-specific basis on request.

RedDot Winner 2018
LIT Lighting Design Awards 2017
Stylepark Selected L+B 2018
German Design Award 2018
DesignPlus Light and Building
Focus Open 2019 Special Mention
Price on request
Depending on the configuration selected, the total may differ from the base price:
Lighting technology / configuration
Aluminum powder coated
1000 (exemplary) × 125 × 50 mm (L × B × H)
Rotatability/Slewing capacity
Spotlight heads 365° rotatable and 90° tiltable
LED module
2 × 2 LED, 12,7 WL90(10k) > 61.000h (IES LM-80 / TM-21)
LED Modul dim2warm
2 × 2 LED, 12 WL80 (10k) > 50.000 h (IES LM-80 / TM-21)
Uplight-LED Modul
24 W
Lightcolor 3000 K
Control gear
AC 220V–240V / 50Hz–60Hz
5.000 g / m
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