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Original luminaires with guaranteed quality

Every luminaire from mawa is an original, produced at the own site in Neuseddin. By “production” we mean the entire development process, which for large luminaire series can take up to several years.

If mawa considers the entire product life of a luminaire, then it also includes the ecological perspective. This is about more than just maintaining high product standards, but also about creating real jobs. In doing so, we contribute to the social system, strengthen cultural identity and social solidarity. This is what mawa means by “Made in Germany”.


Qualified employees

mawa promotes young talents, employs licensed instructors and is a recognised training facility for professions in the production of luminaires and lighting systems, as well as in administration and sales:

· Industrial Business Management Assistant (m/f/d)
· Construction Mechanics, specialising in sheet-metal construction (m/f/d)
· Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m/f/d)

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Guarantee based on quality

With luminaires and lighting systems from mawa, you play it safe. The company is a member of several associations and institutions that define binding standards for design, manufacture, and commissioning.

Good design

Deutscher Werkbund Berlin e.V.

mawa is a member of the Deutscher Werkbund Berlin e.V. In its 100-year history, the German Association of Craftsmen (Werkbund) has become one of the most important cultural institutions in Germany. It has also become a decisive authority for the implementation and dissemination of technical innovations, social value orientations and aesthetic norms.


The members, including mawa, are united by the following conviction: The visible product of craftsmanship is an achievement of cultural quality and intellectual content.

Rat für Formgebung.

mawa is a member of the German Design Council. For the foundation, strong design and strong brands belong together. As a design and brand authority in Germany, German Design Council strengthens the social awareness for design.

Occupational safety

Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall

mawa is a member of the BGHM, the employers’ liability insurance association for wood and metal. The task of the BGHM is to prevent accidents at work, as well as occupational illnesses and work-related health hazards. Accordingly, machines and equipment for the manufacture and assembly of luminaires at mawa are tested by the BGHM.

Operational safety: High demands are placed on luminaires and lighting systems. During manufacture and installation, mawa complies with the generally applicable regulations. The following protection and test marks ensure that mawa luminaires are safe to operate.



DEKRA is a leading global expert in the qualified and independent testing and certification of products and systems. The mawa quality management system is regularly monitored in accordance with DEKRA’s certification regulations.

GS Geprüfte Sicherheit (Tested Safety)


The GS mark shows that mawa’s luminaires meet high technical requirements and safety standards, and that this has been verified by an independent and neutral body.


The UL safety test mark stands for the proven conformity of a product with the safety regulations of the US and Canada. UL tested luminaires meet the applicable standards regarding a potential risk of fire, electrical shock and mechanical hazard.



With the ENEC mark (European Norms Electrical Certification), mawa guarantees that luminaires and other components comply with the relevant EN safety standards and performance testing requirements. They have been tested by an institute approved by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC).

IP 44


mawa manufactures luminaires with splash-proof housings. The first digit of an IP protection class indicates solid particle protection; the second digit defines liquid ingress protection. Luminaires with IP 44 are protected from solid particles that are over 1 mm in size and against splashing water from all directions. Seawater-proof and dust-proof luminaires are manufactured by mawa individually on request.

F Fire protection mark


All luminaires bearing the F mark conform to official requirements of fire protection (EN 60598- 1/1993+A1:1996) and are suitable for installation on or in normal combustible mounting areas (building sections). Since 01.08.2009, a positive marking can be omitted. mawa nevertheless retains this.

MM Fire protection mark


Luminaires from mawa with MM marking are suitable for mounting in furnishings, ceilings, and walls made of materials with unknown flammability properties.

Security in the award of contracts

Auftragsberatungsstelle Brandenburg e.V.

mawa has the services offered officially checked. This gives potential clients more decision-making certainty. As a manufacturer of luminaires and lighting systems, we are listed with the Brandenburg e.V. contract consulting office (ULV no.: 12/000369). This is a joint institution of the chambers of industry and commerce and chambers of crafts.

Business and supplier directory

mawa is listed in the official register of contractors and suppliers at the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing in Berlin (ULV No. 14861). The register contains companies in the main and secondary construction trades that have successfully passed the examination of professional qualification.

Sustainable recycling management

Grüner Punkt

As dual system, the Grüne Punkt has been providing nationwide collection of used sales packages and obtains raw materials from them for the closed-cycle economy since 1991. In participating, mawa complies with take-back and recovery obligations under the German Packaging Ordinance.

Active defence against brand and product piracy

In close cooperation with customs and law enforcement authorities, mawa preventively and actively hinders the import of counterfeit products into the EU’s internal market. mawa’s law firms strictly fight product piracy with all available civil, administrative and criminal law measures. A tight network of international lawyers is ready to hold product pirates and their customers accountable for reimbursement of all costs incurred.