wittenberg 4.0

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

wittenberg 4.0 – the multi-talent

The variety and flexibility of the wittenberg system lighting family is unparalleled. wittenberg 4.0 is the system luminaire from mawa with the most variants and is very often used in customized versions. With the fourth generation of the multi-functional light head, the whole lighting series has been technically upgraded and formally minimised as far as possible.
Future compatibility and sustainability are particularly important to mawa. That is why we offer the possibility to equip previous models with the light head of the latest generation 4.0.

wittenberg 4.0

High CRI becomes the new standard

Get ready for a captivating colour experience! Starting March 2024, High CRI (Ra > 95 (typ. 98)) will become a permanent feature of our wittenberg 4.0 luminaire series.

Improved colour rendering ensures lifelike representation of colours and textures. Whether you’re creating a cosy ambiance or illuminating a workspace, our luminaires offer the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic pleasure — standard, at no extra cost.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

Award-winning design

Apart from invisible cables and screws, our commitment to creating a technically perfect form is reflected in the harmonious proportions, the material thickness and the sharp radii of the corners. Especially minimalist designs such as wittenberg 4.0 live from the quality of such details.

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks | Brillen in Mitte

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks | Restaurant Kin Dee Berlin

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks | Büro- & Geschäftshaus Ziegert Berlin

Photo: mawa

Filigree and flexible

Recessed spotlight with chrome finish wi4-eb-1r-kr and round cover plate for installation in drywall ceilings. The large, glare-suppressed light-emitting surfaces can be tilted 90° and rotated 365°.

High-tech in the head

Rimless housing for plastering into drywall ceilings: recessed spotlight wi4-eb-1r-ep with semi-flush light head also impresses technically with high lighting performance at reduced volume.

Photo: mawa design
Photo: mawa

Variety rich in variants

As with the surface-mounted spotlight wi4-ab-1e-as the colours of the wittenberg 4.0 luminaire series correspond with the latest material and furnishing trends – for example in bicolour black and shiny copper. Individual colour requests can be made by mawa on request.

Form follows delight

The more freedom there is in design, the more pleasure there is in designing and planning light and interiors. Recessed spotlights and surface-mounted spotlights from the wittenberg 4.0 luminaire series are available as standard with one to four light heads in round, oval and angular housings – e.g. wi4-eb-2e recessed spotlight with overlapping rim for installation in drywall ceilings.

Photo: mawa design
Photo: mawa


The wittenberg 4.0 luminaire series is easy to install, adjust and revise. The entire light head of the recessed spotlight wi4-eb-1r with overlapping rim can be quickly replaced thanks to a patent-pending bayonet.


A cylindrical light head connected to the luminaire housing without visible screws and cables: the details of the luminaire series wittenberg 4.0 are formally reduced, the design minimalistic and the spotlights compact in volume with maximum flexibility – here wi4-eb-1r-kr in shiny brass with round cover plate for installation in drywall ceilings.

Photo: mawa
Photo: Leon Kopplow

Hold your head up high!

The wittenberg 4.0 spotlights are too beautiful to be used only on ceilings and walls. The floor lamp druff goes »rinn« (berlin slang for »in«) in the socket and »druff« (berlin slang for »on top«) of a shelf. They and their big sibling, the parkett free-standing spotlight, are suitable for indirect, glare-free ambient lighting, especially for accentuating pictures, exhibits and other furnishings with light.

Dim2warm with wittenberg 4.0

We are pleased to announce latest dim2warm version. The new LED has optimised the colour spectrum, improved colour rendering and increased LED efficiency.

In figures:

  • LED power: 12 W
  • Light colour: 1800–3000 K
  • Colour rendering index: Ra > 95 (typ. 97)
  • Luminous flux: 1045 lm
  • Current: 350 mA
Photo: Leon Kopplow
Photo: Patrik Graf | Stadthalle Cham

Crown and pendant lights

The wittenberg 4.0 luminaire series comprises individually manufactured versions in which the LED light heads are mounted in extruded profiles specially produced by mawa. The resulting geometric possibilities are almost endless, whether linear above your conference table, circular as a crown light in your reception hall or elliptical, following the stucco of your ceiling. Even the largest dimensions can be achieved with invisibly screwed segments.

Individualisation with almost no limits

The dimensions of the extruded section, developed in-house, enable the integration of numerous additional lighting solutions, such as linear up and downlights, track adapter modules, emergency lighting modules or special sensors. They enable virtually any lighting requirement to be met and give planners and users the necessary scope for individualisation.

Photo: Adrian Schulz, SSV Architekten, Heidelberg | Kapelle Frommelhof

Material, surfaces, colours

mawa places the highest demands on the surface design of its luminaires. mawa’s luminaires are powder-coated to a
first-class standard: so excellently that experts sometimes thought they were wet-painted. They are usually available in matt black or matt white, or in the colours grey, beige, blue and red.

On request, all RAL colours as well as high-gloss surfaces in chrome, brass, burnished brass or copper are available. Anodised surfaces are replicated with our special »mawa Eloxal« powder coating. This is not only more homogeneous, but also 100 % repeatable in colour and appearance.

wittenberg 4.0

Technical informations

Beam angle

12° / 24° / 38°
Further beam angles are made possible by beam-diverging attachments.

LED module

LED module standard: 12,7 W
L90(10k) > 61.000h (IES LM-80 / TM-21)

LED module dim2warm: 12 W
L80 (10k) > 50.000 h (IES LM-80 / TM-21)

Luminous flux LED

LED module standard:
2700 K / 930 lm
3000 K / 980 lm
4000 K / 1100 lm

LED module dim2warm: 1045 lm

Light colours

2700 K / Ra > 95 (typ. 98)
3000 K / Ra > 95 (typ. 98)
4000 K / Ra > 95 (typ. 98)
1800 – 3000 K / Ra 95 (typ. 97) dim2warm

Special light colours on request


schaltbar -1  (wi4-str2 only)
Rotary potentiometer on the housing -2
Trailing edge phase -5
Leading edge phase -6
Leading edge / trailing edge phase -7
Bluetooth -9



More features

+ compact cylindrical design
+ optimum model and design variety
+ numerous accessories
+ also flicker-free
+ individual production on request
+ driver-integrated adapters possible (for track spotlights)
+ advanced performance category
+ for high rooms up to approx. 5.00 m



Components & accessories for wittenberg 4.0

mawa luminaires are known for clever and impressive details – also regarding the range of accessories that are easy to handle. This includes primarily effective optical accessories such as reflectors and lenses that focus the light emitted by the LED module and specifically influence the beam characteristics and anti-glare.

Tool-free change

Three lens units are available for the luminaires of the wittenberg 4.0 series with the following beam characteristics: spot 12° / medium 24° / flood 38°.

A patented bayonet disk secures the optical lens in the luminaires. No additional tools are needed to change one of the three available optics – simply use the hands and the silicone pad provided.

Note: Only one accessory can be combined per lens unit.

Secondary effective lenses

mawa’s lenses provide a secondary effect. In combination with the primary components, they »model« the light. For example, an oval light beam is created by adding a sculpture lens to the spot reflector (spot 12°). Special LSD beam diverging attachments (Light Shape Diffusor) are used for a particularly homogenous and large-area lighting effect. Thanks to their particular relief surface, they diverge the light beam together with a flood reflector and ensure the light is spread delicately.

Photo: mawa design

Honeycomb grids, shutters, glare rings, hoods

If necessary, our lights can be fitted with excellent glare control. To do so, we offer honeycomb grids, shutters, glare rings or asymmetrical hoods. The almost invisible undercut on the front edge of every light head enables accessories to be attached with just one click.

Finishing touch

With rotatable and swivelling spotlights, the backs of the cylindrical luminaire bodies can also be seen in a diagonal position. With the lights of the wittenberg 4.0 series, they are designed as heat sinks in black aluminium as standard.

To enhance the aesthetic effect of white rooms, mawa offers white heat sinks with oxide ceramic coating as accessories – UV and temperature resistant, abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Photo: mawa design

wittenberg upcycling

Future compatibility and sustainability are particularly important to mawa. That is why we offer you the possibility to retrofit previous models with the light head of our latest generation 4.0. wittenberg 4.0 convinces with special elegance, higher efficiency and improved light quality.

Photo: links: Lichtköpfe der Vorgänger-Serie wittenberg; rechts: Lichtköpfe der Serie wittenberg 4.0

New for old

The new spotlight head appears even more filigree thanks to reduced walls and a new joint with integrated cable guide. The large light emission surface of the new optical lens covers the heat sink at the front and is a reminiscence of the traditional halogen design. In addition, it can be replaced without tools, thus enabling uncomplicated modification of the beam characteristics. Further advantages are the wide range of accessories and the optional dim2warm version.

Almost all surface-mounted and recessed spotlights of the wittenberg series can be equipped with our wittenberg 4.0 spotlight heads with no difficulty. Upcycling of the models wi-eb-1r-kr, wi-eb-1r-sa, as well as wi-ab-1r/ -2r/ -3r and wi-ab-1k is unfortunately not possible for constructional reasons. You will find alternatives in our wittenberg 4.0 series.

You will find the right converter for your new LED heads in our converter list.

Online is good, print is too

Detailed information on the diversity and flexibility of our luminaire series wittenberg 4.0 can be found in the »wittenberg 4.0« catalogue, which you can order by e-mail or download directly.

wittenberg 4.0 series overview

Whether on the track, under or in the ceiling or on the wall: wittenberg 4.0 is our most versatile series. The luminaires can be individually configured with several light colours, beam characteristics, dimming modes and a wide range of accessories for targeted light distribution.

Recessed concrete spotlights

Free-standing spotlights

Chandeliers and profile lights

Pendant lights

Contact track spotlights