Technical information

Any questions? In our glossary you will find brief explanations of numerous luminaire-specific terms and installation tips worth knowing.
Specific information on the wittenberg 4.0 series is provided in the lower part of the page.

General technical information

Control gear

Depending on the luminaire series/model and the desired dimming, appropriate control gear is used. For details, please refer to the current converter lists in the download area of our website.


On request, selected luminaires are available in dim2warm. This version produces a smooth, flicker-free transition from neutral to comfortable light color when dimmed down – similar to traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.

Electrical connection

The electrical connection must only be carried out by an authorised electrician. It is imperative that components and accessories are changed when the light head is de-energised and has cooled down. mawa’s manufacturing process is regularly monitored by DEKRA in accordance with the certification regulations.

Flicker / flicker-free

Flicker describes fluctuations in the luminance or spectral distribution of an electrically operated light source. mawa follows the latest state of the art in this respect and uses the most modern control gear available on the market.

Individual solution

mawas series include models for various mounting types / variants as well as comprehensive accessories. If, despite the great flexibility of the luminaires, you should come up against planning limits, we will be happy to work with you to develop project-specific individual solutions (e.g. with regard to construction sizes or components). Feasibility is checked individually.

Lamp replacement

Permanently installed light sources can be replaced by mawa at the factory. Light sources with E27, E14 and GU10 sockets can be replaced by the customer.

Lenses and reflectors

For the wittenberg 4.0 and fbl series, three beam angles – spot, medium and flood – are available in the form of lenses. Additional light cone modifications can be made using LSD expansion attachments or sculpture lenses. Lenses of the wittenberg 4.0 series can be easily replaced by hand or by means of a silicone pad/suction lifter by turning or pulling.
Optically effective expansion attachments are available for subsequent adjustments of the beam angles.

Light color

As standard, mawa uses LED modules with 2700 K, 3000 K or 4000 K. Other light colors can be implemented according to customer requirements – if available.
Special light colours, high CRI, tunable white modules or dim2warm modules are also available as standard.

Light management

This is a very simple form of lighting interface. A closing push-button is used to key the phase of the mains connection of the ballast to its control input. Pressing the button briefly means on or off, pressing the button for a long time means dimming up or down.

An interface for control gear in technical lighting that has been used for a long time is the 1–10 V interface. Two additional wires are used to transmit the control signal in the form of a DC voltage.

This is a digitally addressable lighting interface DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) designed for use in building installation technology.

With this interface, dimmable control gear and lamps can be switched and dimmed with a smartphone or tablet via an app (e.g. Casambi). The Casambi app is available for download free of charge for Android and Apple. It enables stepless light control in brightness, configuration of luminaires and luminaire networks. Personalised light scenes can also be configured via this interface.

Leading edge / trailing edge
A non-standardised and therefore also the “weakest” interface. It cannot be concluded that every dimmer can be combined with every luminaire or luminaire arrangement in the building. The phase dimmers must be matched to the respective application. mawa recommends that you enquire with a dimmer manufacturer or specialist dealer about the correct dimmer for your application. For this purpose, mawa provides the data sheet and, if available, a dimmer list of the driver. Ultimately, it is essential to test and match different dimmers with the luminaire or the corresponding number of luminaires in the application.


Light quality

Depending on the lighting task, LED modules with a color rendering of Ra > 90 (typ. 92) or Ra > 95 (typ. 98) are available.

LSD beam diverging attachment

For a particularly homogeneous and large-area lighting result, we offer two LSD (Light Shape Diffuser) expansion attachments with 30° and 60°. In combination with the different lenses, they produce a wide range of specific beam angles.

Mounting instructions for illuminating pictures

For pictures with reflective surfaces, such as oil paintings or objects behind glass, the angle of incidence of the light must be taken into account to avoid disturbing reflections in the viewer’s angle of vision. An incidence of light at an angle of 30° (museum angle) is ideal to achieve maximum vertical illumination, exclude reflected glare and avoid cast shadows, e.g. caused by the framing.

Technical information

Mounting surfaces

The symbol Technical information indicates luminaires suitable for installation in and on furnishings (DIN 57710-14, DIN VDE 0710-14:1982-04). In the specified installation type, the luminaires may be mounted on furnishings made of materials with unknown fire behaviour, even if these are coated, painted or veneered.

Photometric values

All luminaires listed in the catalogue, including selected accessories, were measured in mawa’s laboratory. Light calculation files (ldt format), light distribution curves and cone diagrams can be downloaded product-related.

Sculpture lens

An oval light distribution is created by means of parallel relief.


Shutters in various lengths and designs are available for supplementary glare control.

Thermal management

Individual heat sinks, specially developed for each series, form the backbone of every luminaire from mawa. Optimised shapes and non-positive connections with the luminaire housing, in the case of internal heat sinks, ensure excellent passive cooling. High-quality anodisation or oxide ceramic coating are further guarantees for perfect heat dissipation on the back of the PCB. This guarantees maximum light output with maximum service life.


Information on optical and technical data may be subject to fluctuations of up to 10 %. Subject to change without notice. Please always note the current information on the mawa website.
mawa’s glasses are elaborately handmade. Therefore, slight deviations in dimensions, glass thickness or isolated air bubbles are unavoidable (2.5 – 3 bubbles with a diameter of up to 5 mm on 50 mm² are within the tolerance). Deviations in diameter and shape may also occur at openings. These deviations are a sign of craftsmanship and no reason for a complaint.
Slight surface deviations are due to production technology and are no reason for complaint.


For hardware (constructive components) mawa grants a warranty of 5 years and for electrical components a warranty of 3 years.

Marks of conformity and protection


Technical information

DEKRA is a leading global expert in the qualified and independent testing and certification of products and systems. The mawa quality management system is regularly inspected in accordance with DEKRA’s certification regulations.



Technical information

With the ENEC marking (European Norms Electrical Certification), mawa guarantees that luminaires and other components comply with the relevant EN safety standards and performance testing requirements and have been tested by an institute approved by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC).

IP values

Technical information

mawa manufactures selected luminaires with splash-proof housings. Seawater-proof and dust-proof luminaires are manufactured individually by mawa on request.
The two digits of the IP rating indicate the extent to which electrical equipment is protected against contact and foreign bodies such as dust (1st digit) and against water (2nd digit). The higher the value, the higher the protection.


Protection against contact with fingers and against penetration of solid foreign bodies ∅ ≥ 12.5 mm. No protection against water. A luminaire marked in this way is suitable for dry interiors.

Protection against contact with tools, wires or similar and against ingress of solid foreign bodies ∅ ≥ 1 mm. Protection against splashing water from all directions. A luminaire marked in this way can be used in bathrooms and sanitary areas.

Complete protection against contact and harmful dust deposits inside. Protection against splashing water from all directions. This protection class is recommended for outdoor luminaires that are permanently mounted outdoors.


1. Code number
Extent of protection against contact and foreign bodies

No protection against contact and foreign bodies.

Protection against extensive contact with the hand and against penetration of solid foreign bodies ∅ ≥ 50 mm.

Protection against contact with fingers and against penetration of solid foreign bodies ∅ ≥ 12.5 mm.

Protection against contact with tools, wires or similar and against penetration of solid foreign bodies ∅ ≥ 2.5 mm.

Protection against contact with tools, wires or similar and against penetration of solid foreign bodies ∅ ≥ 1 mm.

Complete protection against contact and against harmful dust deposits inside (dust-protected, i.e. the ingress of dust is not completely excluded, but only in such quantities that cannot affect the function or safety of the unit).

Complete protection against contact and penetration of dust (dust-tight).


2. Code number
Extent of protection against water

No protection against water.

Protection against vertically falling water drops.

Protection against water drops falling obliquely from an angle of up to 15° from the vertical.

Protection against water spray, i.e. water drops falling from an angle up to 60° obliquely from the vertical.

Protection against splashing water from all directions.

Protection against water jets (e.g. from a nozzle) from all directions.

Protection against strong water jets and ingress of water in case of temporary flooding.

Protection against ingress of water during temporary immersion under normal conditions.

Protection against ingress of water in case of permanent immersion under between manufacturer and consumer.


F Fire protection markings

Technical information

Luminaires that are mounted on parts of buildings are marked with regard to fire protection in accordance with the EN 60598-1/1993+A1:1996 standard. Although a positive marking has been allowed to lapse since 01.08.2009, all luminaires at mawa that are suitable for mounting on or in normally flammable mounting surfaces (building parts) bear the F mark.

MM Fire protection sign

Technical information

Luminaires from mawa with MM marking are suitable for mounting in furnishings, ceilings and walls where the flammability properties of the surrounding materials are not known.

Technical information wittenberg 4.0

Color location accuracy

mawa only selects LEDs with high color location accuracy of at least 3-step MacAdam or 2-step MacAdam. This ensures the highest possible color consistency.


The series includes models for recessed, surface-mounted and track-mounted installation and thus meets the requirements of almost all mounting situations. The simple, timeless design combined with the variety of housing shapes and colors housing shapes and colors makes wittenberg 4.0 the ideal lighting partner for any interior.
The increased luminous flux coupled with a variety of light colors, beam characteristics and available accessories makes it possible to easily meet almost all lighting requirements – even in higher rooms.
If, despite the great flexibility of the system, you should come up against planning limits, we will be happy to develop project-specific individual solutions together with you.

Heat sink

The specially developed high-performance heat sink made of anodised aluminium (in-house development) forms the backbone of the LED wittenberg 4.0 spotlight head and achieves excellent passive cooling thanks to its optimised shape. The high-quality anodisation is a further guarantee for perfect heat dissipation on the back of the PCB. The entire light head has been perfected in terms of thermal behaviour and thus guarantees maximum light output with maximum service life.

Honeycomb grid

For simple glare control without formal extension of the luminaire head, the use of a honeycomb grid is recommended. However, due to the flat placement in front of the lens, this can lead to a significant reduction of the luminaire luminous flux, depending on the radiation characteristics.

Installation in trowelled concrete ceilings by means of concrete installation case

wi4-be-2e-hb-fk (other sizes available)
Fire protection class: A2
Inner dimensions: 196 × 96 × 66 mm
External dimensions: 232 × 132 × 85 mm
Our concrete installation case made of fermacell® turns our wittenberg 4.0 surface-mounted luminaires wi4-ab-2e-hb into concrete recessed luminaires. It consists of 18 mm thick gypsum fibreboard and is suitable for pouring into concrete or for installation in plasterboard constructions.

Important: The concrete recessed spotlight is only suitable for trowelled concrete ceilings and not for exposed concrete. The installation is carried out by means of a wooden base plate (196 × 96 × approx. 20 mm), which is to be provided by the customer and fixed to the formwork in a non-slip manner. The installation case is mounted on this in a fixed position and the cavity for the luminaire is to be filled with pressure-resistant Styrodur® before casting. After hardening, the Styrodur® core is removed, the edges filled and the luminaire inserted. Please also observe the installation instructions for the installation case in the installation instructions for the product.

LED efficiency and sustainability

Our LEDs achieve a luminous flux of up to 125 lumens / watt and thus produce significantly more light than a halogen bulb, at less than a sixth of the energy consumption (halogen 18.6 lm/W).
With more than 50,000 operating hours, wittenberg 4.0 achieves 12.5 times the service life of low-voltage halogen and is thus a reliable, long-lasting companion from a formal and technical point of view.

Lens units

Optionally available with beam angle spot 12°, medium 24° or flood 38°. The wittenberg 4.0 lens units can be removed by hand without tools, with a suction lifter or silicone pad, by turning them 45° anticlockwise and inserted by turning them 45° clockwise.

LSD beam diverging attachment

For our spotlight heads we offer two LSD (Light Shape Diffuser) expansion attachments with 30° and 60°. In combination with our various lens units, they allow a wide range of beam angles from 32° to 71°. To guarantee the accuracy of fit of these accessories, we recommend ordering the attachment together with the luminaire.

Material / Color

The wittenberg 4.0 luminaires are made of powder-coated aluminium – in standard white matt (RAL 9016) and black matt (RAL 9005). Other RAL colors are available on request. Some models can also be customized with an anodised surface. Simply contact us.

mawas shelf spotlight druff wi4-reg-2e-hb and the floor spotlight parkett wi4-bod-2e-hb shine in industrial or powder-coated beige, grey, red, blue in addition to the standard versions.

Selected wittenberg 4.0 luminaires are available as bicolor models with light head components (tube, joint and turntable) in the colors copper, chrome or brass. The housing is in white matt (RAL 9016) or black matt (RAL 9005).

The following models are available as bicolor in combination with RAL housing:


The following models are available as complete luminaires in chrome, copper or brass:


Learn more about mawa’s colors and finishes.

Mounting in damp locations

All current wittenberg 4.0 models have a degree of protection of IP20 (exceptions: wi4-ab-1r-dl-ip54, wi4-eb-1r-dl-IP44). For installation in bathrooms or damp rooms, VDE 0100, part 701 must be observed. It contains requirements for electrical installations to be considered in rooms with a permanently installed bathtub or shower, for protection against electric shock and equipotential bonding.

The standard defines the three areas: 0, 1 and 2. Depending on the area, installation is not permitted or only permitted to a limited extent. Thus, electrical equipment in zone 0 must at least comply with protection class IP X7, in zones 1 and 2 at least with protection class IP X4. Ballasts must be located outside zones 0 and 1.

Zone 0 (Interior bath / shower tray)
wittenberg 4.0 IP 20 not permitted (protective extra-low voltage up to 12 V, min. IP X7)

Area 1
Limited by the vertical surfaces around the bath/shower tray or 120 cm radius around the shower head for showers without a tray (Areas 0 and 2 do not apply to showers without a tray).
wittenberg 4.0 IP 20 approved to a limited extent (protective extra-low voltage up to 12 V, min. IP X4 or IP X5, exception: installation height over 2.25 m)

Range 2 (60 cm radius around range 1)
wittenberg 4.0 IP 20 limited approved
(min. IP X4 or IP X5, exception: mounting height over 2.25 m)
Luminaires outside areas 0 to 2 do not have to meet any special requirements regarding the degree of protection.

Technical information

Mounting in exposed concrete ceilings

The following models are available for installation in exposed concrete ceilings: wi4-be-1e, wi4-be-2e, wi4-be-1e-rl, wi4-be-2e-rl. The formwork body made of hard foam is offered by mawa as an accessory and must be fixed to the formwork by the customer to prevent slipping.

Mounting wittenberg 4.0 recessed luminaires

All recessed luminaires from the wittenberg 4.0 series are particularly suitable for use in drywall ceilings with low cavity heights, solid ceilings with low thicknesses and sloping roofs due to their mechanical and thermal properties and their extremely low design. All wittenberg 4.0 recessed luminaires can be used in 1-layer and 2-layer plasterboard ceilings.

Shutter wittenberg 4.0

Should additional glare control of the light head be necessary, shutters are available in various lengths and designs to meet as many needs as possible.
They are compatible with all models of the wittenberg 4.0 series – including our track spotlight. A special locking mechanism ensures uncomplicated mounting, which can be quickly released by a slight twisting and pulling movement.
Version: 19 mm (wi4-sh-s), 38 mm (wi4-sh-m), 76 mm asymmetrical (wi4-sh-las)
Colors: Outer tube powder-coated in luminaire color black matt (RAL 9005), white matt (RAL 9016), other RAL colors on request, inner tube oxide ceramic coated black.