Plug & Play – Accessories of the luminaire series

Our products are known for their clever and formally convincing details – also with regard to our user-friendly range of accessories. This allows our professional series luminaires to be tailored precisely to individual needs and is particularly beneficial for demanding uses such as retail and museums and exhibitions.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Optical accessories

The portfolio includes numerous components that specifically influence the beam characteristics and glare control. These include primarily effective optical accessories such as reflectors and lenses that focus the light emitted by the LED module.

Cover lenses

Secondary effective are our attachment panes. In combination with the primary component, they “sculpt” the light. For example, an oval light cone is created by adding a sculpture lens to the spot reflector.

For a particularly homogeneous or large-area lighting result, special LSD (Light Shape Diffuser) expansion attachments are used. Thanks to their special relief surface, they greatly widen the light cone in combination with a flood reflector and ensure the finest diffusion.

Glare reduction

If required, our luminaires can be specifically glare-reduced. For this purpose, we offer honeycomb grids, shutters, anti-glare rings or asymmetrical barge louvres.

Plug & Play

Different fixing principles allow quick and uncomplicated addition or replacement of our accessories.

A patented bayonet disc fixes the optical lens in the luminaires of our wittenberg 4.0 series. This means that no additional tools are needed to change the three optics available – the bare hand and the silicone pad supplied are sufficient.
An almost invisible undercut on the front edge of each light head also allows accessories to be attached with just one click.

Photo: Leon Kopplow / mawa

Replacing the accessories of our seventies and seventies plus series is very easy with a suction lifter.

So-called O-rings are used in these series. We make use of these elements, originally designed for sealing purposes, when inserting the front retaining ring. This holds the reflector and the borosilicate glass, which protects against dust, in place and accommodates other accessories if required.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Focusing accessory

Optionally, the entire reflector unit of the seventies and seventies plus series can be replaced by a focus insert which, by means of an aspherical glass lens, allows the beam angle to be continuously adjusted from 15° to 50° or from 11° to 48°, depending on the LES – a particular advantage in the case of frequently changing exhibits and high demands for precise staging.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Almost endless possibilities

Depending on the product, the combination of different components offers almost endless possibilities for adapting the light to your personal needs.
Just plug and play.