Sustainable behaviour

In the development and design of luminaires and light systems, mawa does not follow fashionable trends, but focuses on long-lasting designs. From manufacturing to the end of a product’s life: The ecological perspective is always taking into consideration in the entire development, production and sales process. This is also why mawa gives a five-year guarantee on hardware and three years on electrical components.

LED spotlights developing with requirements

At mawa, light systems are modular. The individual components can be exchanged and expanded without tools as requirements change. They are easy to dismantle, repairable and reusable.

Photo: Leon Kopplow
Photo: Leon Kopplow

Hardware made to last

We think and produce compatible both ways, forwards and backwards. This means that luminaire systems already in use can be retrofitted at mawa while retaining the hardware. For example, we can convert halogen to LED technology.

wittenberg Upcycling

Future compatibility and sustainability are particularly important to mawa. That is why we are offering you the opportunity to replace models from the previous »wittenberg« series with the light head from our latest Generation 4.0.
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Packaging with a reduced carbon footprint

mawa’s climate-conscious attitude to the environment is also evident in the packaging. We reject the marketing-driven glossy aesthetics of E&E products: Brown corrugated cardboard boxes are sealed with eco-friendly paper tape and crumpled recyclable wrapping paper protects the products during transport.


Fully ripened by the sun, directly from the manufacturer

On the roof of the Seddin production facility, a 115 kWp photovoltaic system with a total of 40 kWh Tesla Power Walls generates a self-supply share of over 60 % in the summer months. mawa’s goal is to increase this to 100 %.

Photo: Erek Paschke/ADPASSION GmbH