fbl flat-box-led

Photo: Andreas Meichsner

fbl – the aesthete

fbl stands for folding bending light or flat box LED. This series features a unique design vocabulary. The specially developed and registered production technology (folding technology) creates precise edges with no visible connections and allows the housing to be made using a single plate. Since it is permanently integrated into the heat sink, it increases the available cooling surface area and is therefore of thermal importance for the light. Thanks to professional lens technology, the characteristic, square light-emitting surface creates a rotationally symmetrical beam characteristic.

Photo: Andreas Meichsner
fbl flat-box-led

Photo: Dior
fbl flat-box-led

Photo: Brigida González
fbl flat-box-led

Photo: Till Schuster
fbl flat-box-led

High-precision edges

The fbl flat-box-led series consists of very slim LED luminaires in cuboid housings. No screws interfere with the filigree appearance. The spotlights provide high luminous efficacy with compact dimensions and low-energy consumption.

“Hard edge aesthetics” describes the angularity of the purist aluminium housing, which is appreciated by connoisseurs. mawa developed this folding technique especially for this luminaire series.

Photo: Leon Kopplow
Photo: mawa design

Invisible technology

Flowing, homogeneous ceiling soffits create generous room impressions. fbl flat-box-led profile spotlights can be installed flush with the ceiling and recessed into the mawa recessed profile and combined with tracks without visible adapters

Material, surfaces, colours

mawa places the highest demands on the surface design of its luminaires. mawa’s luminaires are powder-coated to a
first-class standard: so excellently that experts sometimes thought they were wet-painted. They are usually available in matt black or matt white. On request, all surfaces are available in RAL, DB and NCS colours.

Technical informations

Beam angle

12° / 30° / 45°
Further beam angles are made possible by beam-diverging attachments.

LED module

15 W

Luminous flux LED

1150 – 1250 lm LED

Light colours

2700 K / Ra > 95 (typ. 97)
3000 K / Ra > 95 (typ. 97)
4000 K / Ra > 95 (typ. 97)

Special light colours on request


Switchable -1
Leading edge/ trailing edge phase -7
Bluetooth -9

More features

+ compact design
+ pioneering hard-edge design
+ high-precision edges thanks to patented mawa folding technology
+ flush-mounted with mawa recessed profile
+ flicker-free
+ driver-integrated adapters possible
+ mid-range performance category
+ for manageable room heights up to approx. 4.00 m

Components & accessories for fbl

mawa luminaires are known for clever and impressive details – also regarding the range of accessories that are easy to handle. Numerous components can specifically influence the beam characteristics and anti-glare.

This includes optical accessories as a primary effect, such as reflectors and lenses that concentrate the light emitted from the LED module. Our lenses provide a secondary effect. In combination with the primary component, they “model” the light. For example, an oval light beam is created by adding a sculpture lens to the spot reflector.

fbl series overview

Whether on the track, under or in the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor: An overview of all the lights in the fbl series is available here.

fbl flat-box-led

Photo: Andreas Meichsner