Photo: blieske architects lighting designers | Nationalmuseum Kirgistan Bischkek
Photo: mawa design

Re-lighting of an icon – Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

Photo: mawa design

This is how mawa produces – Made in Germany

Southwest of Berlin, mawa’s lights and lighting systems are planned, designed, and produced by qualified staff using the newest computer-controlled technology: Lighting for museums, libraries, sacred buildings, historical monuments, shops, offices, hotels and individual custom constructions.


light edition

Aloys Ferdinand Gangkofner counts as one of the most influential German glass designers of  classical modernism. In close consultation with his family, mawa chose six lights from his most well-known industrial designs for the re-edition.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Innovations and current news

LEDs, lights, lighting tools – always in the process of furthering development. And plenty going on in Neuseddin, affecting people, light planning and lighting retail. As soon as there’s something to say at mawa, you’ll find it here first.

Photo: mawa design

Light for Reading and Learning

Customizing modular lighting series is one of mawa’s specialties. Especially in libraries, numerous workstations can thus be equipped with individually adapted table luminaires.


The world’s largest 360° display with 180,000 flip dots

In auto city Wolfsburg, the inclined visitor doesn’t find out when and where to receive their new car from an LED panel, instead nearly 180,000 tiny flip dots, every single one individually driven by electromagnetic impulses, show the way. The ring, constructed of 44 single segments, is the worlds largest 360° display board, and thanks to modular components, easily disassembled. Engineered, constructed, produced and mounted by our high tech team.

Photo: mawa design

The Museum Specialist

The seventies plus series is the result of years of experience with specialist requirements of exhibition rooms. Seventies plus supplements the application possibilities of the seventies series. The focussing unit for a freely adjustable beam angle is just one of numerous accessories.

Photo: Leon Kopplow / mawa

Lighting Series – fbl

fbl stands for folding bending light or flat box LED. This series is impressive for its precise edges with no visible connections. The in-house developed and patented folding technique makes it possible to construct the housing out of a single sheet of aluminum.

Photo: Brigida González

Le Corbusiers Polychromie sends its greetings

Lights from mawa are found in numerous icons of modern architecture, including the Dessau Master’s Houses and in Le Corbusiers Living Machine. The four colors of the limited schliephacke edition is inspired from these buildings.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Projects with individually manufactured LED lightings and lighting systems

Together with international architects, interior designers and lighting planners, the luminaires have been further developed to meet special requirements and often customized.

Photo: Philip Kistner