Photo: Agnese Di Vico

Discover the painting “Madonna dei Pellegrini” in Rome with mawa

mawa sponsors wittenberg 4.0 spotlights for church in Rome.

A large number of visitors turned up at the Basilica of Sant’Agostino in Campo Marzio in Rome on the first weekend of September for the public restoration of Caravaggio’s “Madonna dei Pellegrini”. The restoration was carried out by the Merlini Storti Art Restoration and Conservation Studio.

During the public restoration, the painting was presented in the interior of the church. There, visitors had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the expert staff during the sensitive and elaborate restoration. After three days of work, the work was reassembled in its original place. For professional illumination, mawa sponsored individually manufactured wittenberg 4.0 spotlights, which were set up on site.

Lighting of the chancel
Two wi4-ab-3e-hb in black (with different colour temperature, heads individually dimmable) are placed on a custom-made base next to the fence and illuminate the church without casting a shadow on the altar. With the mixed colour temperature of the luminaires, the altar gets a special effect – the Madonna appears in colder light, some of the pilgrims in warmer light.

Illumination of the altar dome
The upper part of the altar is illuminated with 2700K to highlight the golden details. For this purpose, the wittenberg 4.0 luminaire parquet in white is mounted on the balcony of the chorus.