Knowledge collection on mawa products

Luminaires from mawa meet the highest technical and design standards.
On our knowledge pages you can find out more about technical and luminaire-specific topics,
installation instructions, explanations of symbols and our user-friendly range of accessories.

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mawa manufactures individual luminaires – Made in Germany

For over 40 years, mawa has been working with architects and designers to realise the most sophisticated lighting and luminaire solutions for architectural monuments, art exhibitions and unique architectural pieces.

Colors, surfaces and materials

Luminaires by mawa are something special – the choice of materials and the extremely fine and particularly smooth powder coating impresses fingertips and eyes alike.

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Photo: WFBB

Glossary – general technical information

In the mawa glossary you will find the most important luminaire-specific terms and topics, as well as test and protection symbols explained briefly and concisely.

Technical information on the wittenberg 4.0 series

Learn interesting facts about technical terms and installation instructions for the wittenberg 4.0 series.

Photo: Martin Tervoort
Photo: Leon Kopplow

Plug & Play – Accessories of the luminaire series

Our products are known for their user-friendly variety of accessories. Adapt your professional mawa series luminaires exactly to your individual needs.

Recommended illuminants

For the perfect interplay of light and luminaire design, you will find our illuminant recommendations here.

Photo: Leon Kopplow
Photo: mawa

Replacement of LED and ECG after the warranty expires

In order to guarantee the optimum longevity of our lights and save resources, we offer the option of replacing LEDs and control gear directly on site for many of our lights once the warranty has expired.