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mawa knows its way around museums, shops and libraries, sacred buildings and ancient monuments in Europe. Nowadays, many architects and planners benefit from the knowledge we have acquired in the planning of light, the development of luminaires and their installation.

Photo: Leon Kopplow
Photo: Christopher Bauder

Customized productions

mawa stands for attention to detail. We skilfully take up spatial, technical and factual requirements and adapt our products to them. Thanks to increasingly precise and flexible machines and robots, we can manufacture individual luminaires in quantities of 1 and upwards.

Sustainable behaviour

It is part of mawa’s self-concept to produce luminaires and lighting systems with innovative technologies and manufacturing processes just outside Berlin. In development and design, mawa focuses on ideas that promise durability. At the same time, we do a lot to keep the consumption of resources balanced when producing luminaires.

Photo: Erek Paschke/ADPASSION GmbH
Photo: Leon Kopplow

Colours and material expertise

Many of mawa’s luminaires are powder-coated – so excellently that experts sometimes thought they were wet-painted. This is because mawa sets the highest standards for the surface design of its products. At the same time, we are known for our great love of experimentation. In other words, “there’s no such thing as can’t be done.”

Design and designer

From the first sketches to prototypes ready for series production: mawas luminaires are originals. They can be found in the collections of museums all over the world, they win design awards, and they are the subjects of a wide variety of publications.

Photo: Leon Kopplow

Quality management
and assurance

mawa is a manufacturing company with an own department for design, research and development, as well as the own lighting laboratory. Made in Germany. Prototypes pass through countless test series and official inspections until we are satisfied, and a final product can be delivered.

Photo: Leon Kopplow
Photo: Leon Kopplow

Working at mawa

Since the company was founded, mawa’s sites have been growing, and with them the employees and their tasks. Talented graduates and unsolicited applicants (m/f/d) are welcome to join us. Furthermore, mawa is a recognised training company for both commercial and technical professions.

mawa in the media

There is a lot to tell about mawa. If you would like to report on the company, the luminaires, and the people behind the products, we will be happy to provide all the information needed. Write a message to