wittenberg 4.0 Serie

Compact design, filigree housing, greatest design variety.


The fourth generation of the successful wittenberg luminaire series convinces with increased luminous efficacy with reduced consumption and improved colour rendition. Even in high rooms up to 5.00 m high, wittenberg 4.0 meets the special requirements for lighting quality in private areas, shops and museums.

The lighting head has a large, well-glare-free light emission surface and can be pivoted through 90° and rotated through 365°. Special optics with three different radiation characteristics can be easily replaced using a suction cup.

The extensive range of accessories turns the spotlights into true multi-talents. The entire lighting head can be quickly revised thanks to the bayonet.

RedDot Winner 2018
LIT Lighting Design Awards 2017
Stylepark Selected L+B 2018
German Design Award 2018
DesignPlus Light and Building
Focus Open 2019 Special Mention
from 199,00 € inkl. 19% MwSt.
Depending on the configuration selected, the total may differ from the base price:
Lighting technology / configuration
Jan Dinnebier
mawa engineering
mawa design
aluminum powder-coated
∅ 76 × 69 mm
Rotatability/Slewing capacity
Spotlight 365° rotatable and 90° tiltable
LED module
12,7 W
L90(10k) > 61.000h (IES LM-80 / TM-21)
LED module dim2warm
16,7 W
Control gear
not included
Operating area
AC 220V–240V / 50Hz–60Hz
Energy efficiency class
EEI A++ bis A
450 g
Type approved by
Light color*
Bei dim2warm kann es zu einer Gehäusevergrößerung und Lieferzeitverlängerung kommen.
Color rendering index*
Lens unit*
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Net price sum: 167,23 €
plus 19% VAT: 31,77 €
Total: 199,00 €