wi4 Shutter

wittenberg 4.0 Series

to reduce sideways glare from the spotlight

The new shutter offers diverse glare suppression possibilities and fits on every product in the »wittenberg 4.0« series. Thanks to a special locking mechanism, mounting the shutter issimple. Removal is also quick and easy using a simple rotation and pull movement.

All components are CNC machined from solid aluminium. The inner cone is always coated in oxide ceramic black matt, the outer side is powder-coated in the color of the luminaire. The black finish ensures the highest light absorption coefficient and is therefore ideal for reducing stray light and reflections.

Important: Only one accessory per lens unit can be combined.

60,00 € incl. 19% VAT
Depending on the configuration selected, the total may differ from the base price:
Lighting technology / configuration
mawa design
Daniel Frey
ø 76 mm
19 mm (wi4-sh-s)
38 mm (wi4-sh-m)
76 mm asymmetric: (wi4-sh-las)
19 mm: 32 g
38 mm: 38 g
76 mm asymmetric: 58g
Produktinformation | shutter wittenberg 4.0 Serie
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Montageanleitung | wittenberg 4.0 Zubehör
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