Photo: Leon Kopplow

News at wittenberg 4.0

“It comes into effect, according to my information, … immediately.”
Günter Schabowski

Here at mawa, we are continually reviewing our products to discover any possible improvements. Sometimes this review also includes availability and the latest in technological developments. Our successful wittenberg series is a prime example. Now in the 4th LED generation, we are proud to present the immediate inclusion of our dim2warm version today. As a result of technological improvements in LED, the color spectrum has been optimised, color reproduction has improved, and LED efficiency has been increased.

  • LED performance: 12 W
  • Light color: 1800–3000 K
  • Color reproduction: Ra > 95 (typ.97)
  • Luminous flux: 1045 lm
  • Current: 350 mA


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