Photo: mawa design
Photo: mawa design

Stockelsdorf Church Lübeck

Dimmable downlights in filigree chandeliers

In 2003, for their 100th birthday, the Stockelsdorf Church received new interior lighting.

The two-part crown lights consist of 2 ring elements with a total of 24 spotlights. Separate wires were used to directly suspend each ring element from the canopy.

The detached ring elements and open and airy design make the light appear exceedingly delicate. This impression is further strengthened by the use of acrylic on the outer ring.

Lighting design

Mobiliar, Lübeck


mawa design

Scope of services

2 × two-part crown light
with a total of 24 spotlights, dimmable down-lights
Acrylic elements on outer and inner rings, powder-coated ring elements and canopy

Photo: mawa design