Photo: mawa design
Photo: mawa design

District court Tegeler Weg Berlin

Modern LED chandelier in historically protected foyer

Commissioned by the federal state of Berlin / BIM and custom designed by mawa engineering, Steven Morgan BS Arch., BA Arch. Ohio / USA, 1 × »wittenberg« crownlight, ∅ 5,5 m with globe lights.

Lighting design

Steven Morgan BS Arch., BA Arch. Ohio / USA


mawa design

Scope of services

1 × wittenberg-Profile Crown Light, ∅ 5,5 m, DB 701 matt metallic, Uplights: EVG: 14 × Osram QTi 1 × 14724W DIM; Downlight: EVG: 14 × Philips HID-PVm 35/s CDM

99 × globe lights, ∅ 280 mm, Monk’s cap and canopy in powder coated RAL 

Photo: mawa design