Photo: Anja Köhler, Ravensburg
Photo: Anja Köhler, Ravensburg

Kunsthalle Schweinfurt

Flexible lighting technology for temporary exhibitions

Since 2016, for the »World Poet – Friedrich Rückert« temporary exhibition, mawa has illuminated the special exhibition space of the Schweinfurt Art Museum.

The rotatable and tiltable spotlights from the seventies 70’s series are able to be positioned flexibly along electrified tracks above the exhibition space.


Stadt Schweinfurt

Exhibition planning

Space4 GmbH, Stuttgart

Lighting design

Candela GmbH, Stuttgart


Anja Köhler, Ravensburg
mawa design

Scope of services

60 × seventies 70’s contact track spotlight se-11-2
LED, 26 W, 4000 K, 35 × spot reflector 13°
25 × medium reflector 20°
25 × interchangeable reflector 13°
60 × honeycomb grid,  black
48 × anti-glare flap, black
20 × sculptural lens
accessory holder silver, adapter black, white aluminium (RAL 9006)

Photo: Anja Köhler, Ravensburg

The museum for modern and contemporary art dedicated an exhibition in his memory, to the son and honored citizen of the city, on the occasion of his 150th memorial anniversary. The poet, linguist and founder of the German academic field of Oriental Studies worked proficiently in over 40 languages and, amongst other works, translated parts of the Koran in German.

Excellent color reproduction of the spotlights allow the colors of the exhibition to appear especially lively. They mirror preferences of the Biedermeier period and symbolize the phases of the Poet’s life. Light green represents the spring of youth, gold, his periods of success, and bordeaux, the last lonely decades.

Photo: Anja Köhler, Ravensburg

The exhibition space, a former indoor pool from the 1930’s, has an impressive nearly 10 meter high ceiling. The powerful lighting technology from mawa easily bridges the resulting distance to the exhibits.

Photo: Anja Köhler, Ravensburg