Photo: Maria Parussel/ADPASSION GmbH

Admittedly, this is a bit disappointing …

… unfortunately, current market developments have also cast a dark shadow across the mawa universe.

In the near future, we will bring our new production hall online. This is the chance to achieve our stated goal: Optimize our processes and increase efficiency. A goal within our grasp, yet even mawa must address the bad news, delivered regularly throughout the last few months, regarding purchasing difficulties and price increases.

In short: mawa must adjust prices.

An action that is highly unusual for us; In past years, (since 2017!) we were able to optimize our manufacturing to such a degree, that price increases were perpetually suspended.

As of September 15th, 2021, our updated price list will be available online, in the download section. As usual, we will continue to do everything possible to maintain stable price levels, and optimally fulfill all of your delivery requests.

We hope you continue to accompany us on our journey!

Your mawa Team