linestra 7b

Wall and ceiling light

Reduced interplay of lampholder and illuminant

The linestra luminaire is open to the observer like a column. Light can hardly be presented in a clearer way. An interplay of lampholder and light source where the electricity is almost tangible. A luminaire that, depending on the architecture, can be used individually or in a row and thus remains in the viewer’s memory.

The clamp fixes the lamp in the socket and increases safety during cleaning. Thus, the linestra 7b can also be used as a ceiling luminaire.

Graduated prices for retailers can be found in our price list in the download area.

72,00 € incl. 19% VAT
Depending on the configuration selected, the total may differ from the base price:
Lighting technology / configuration
mawa design
aluminum powder coated
Dimensions (W/H/D)
38 × 500 × 47 mm
illuminant not included
Recommendation: Osram LEDinestra advanced 9 W / 500 mm opak, 450 lm, 2700 K
150 g
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