Photo: Daniel Guenther
Photo: Daniel Guenther

Church St. Maria Magdalena Mengelrode

Purist light between altar and organ

mawa is regularily commissioned to design the technical lighting systems in sacred buildings. Their individual architecture, atmosphere, and structural challenges always demand tactfull planning and special solutions.

In the case of the Catholic Church, in the Thuringian town of Mengelrode, the participants decided to design the existing white space considerably more pared down than before. Decorative elements were greatly reduced and central elements, such as the elevated ambo, baptismal font, cross and Mary devotional, received a modern interpretation.

The historic lights, each with three glass shades mounted on turned shafts, were also simplified. Today they find themselves thematically reinterpreted by mawa in three profile sections, fitted with three lights each. They highlight the floor and ceiling of the main room between altar and organ by way of targeted lighting control. The continuous, indirect element located on the top of the light required an alternative cabling solution – no problem for mawa.

The lower side aisles were equipped with surface-mounted lights from the same wittenberg 4.0 series, thus maintaining the overall lighting quality. Especially powerful seventies spotlights emphasize the four gold leaf tablets behind the altar, their arrangement visually giving rise to the cross.

Project Developer and Client

Katholische Kirchgengemeinde St. Nikolaus, Siemerode

Project management

Bischöfliches Bauamt Bistum, Erfurt (Cornelia Schimek)


Märkplan GmbH, Brandenburg

Design of the altar area

sinnobjekte – Atelier für sakrale Gestaltung, Hamburg (Andreas Kasparek)

Lighting and electrical design

Lichtraum, Weimar (Torsten Müller)
mbp – Müller Beetz Partnerschaft, Weimar


Daniel Guenther

Scope of services

8 × wittenbergprofil 4.0
L = 600mm, 3 × wi4 light head, LED, 14 W, 3000 K, 1200 lm, medium 24° + indirect portion+ LED modules, white matt (RAL 9016)

1 × wittenberg 4.0 Surface-mounted light wi4-ab-3e-4
LED, 14 W, 3000 K, 1200 lm, 24°, DALI, white matt (RAL 9016)

8 × wittenberg 4.0 Surface-mounted light fixture wi4-ab-2e-4
LED, 14 W, 3000 K, 1200 lm, 24°, DALI, white matt (RAL 9016)

6 × seventies Track-mounted spotlight se-11-4
LED, 25 W, 3000 K, 2400 lm, 13° and 35°, DALI

Photo: Daniel Guenther
Photo: Daniel Guenther

Photo: Daniel Guenther