Photo: Alexander Rentsch
Photo: Alexander Rentsch

Underground Station »Unter den Linden« Berlin

Seven special luminaires for Berlin's most modern underground station

mawa uses seven different lighting types to illuminate the »Unter den Linden« underground station in Berlin Mitte.

LED lights, specifically designed for the project, are installed on all three levels beneath the Unter den Linden/Friedrichsstraße street crossing.

Project Developer and Client

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

Project management

BVG Projekt GmbH


Ingrid Hentschel – Prof. Axel Oestreich Architekten BDA


Heinen-Beralt Elektro- und Blitzschutzanlagen GmbH

Project management mawa design

Dirk Salewski
Aleksej Uthé

Assistant project management mawa design

Johanna Dietrich


Alexander Rentsch
Maximilian Meisse
mawa design

Scope of services

40 × Type 2 recessed light rectangular Downlight
1069 × 594 × 109 mm, partly with emergency light, 68 W, 7700 lm

74 × Type 3 recessed light square Downlight
650 × 650 × 163 mm, partly with emergency light, 88 W, 1400 lm

128 × Type 4 recessed wall light
1200 × 90 × 150 mm, partly with emergency light, 48 W, 2860 lm

4 × Type 5 lightline
14300 × 80 × 80 mm, 10 segments/lightline, 371 W, 64350 lm 

15 × Type 6 lightline
1990 × 215 × 120 mm, 1–3 segments/lightline, 57 W, 8960 lm

92 × Type 9 recessed wall light
486–678 × 150–156 × 80–90 mm (8 × different sizes), 24 W, 3480 lm

4 × Type 11 lightline
2100 × 100 × 90 mm, 35 W, 5075 lm

Photo: Alexander Rentsch

Light connects aesthetics with function

Using spacious and timeless design, the architects Ingrid Hentschel and Prof. Axel Oestreich, succeeded in facilitating orientation for passengers, through the interchange station, where the underground U5 and U6 subway lines cross. The soft and evenly distributed illumination combines architectural emphasis with functional aspects, such as security and way-finding.

Secure Footing

In all access areas, built-in wall lights, with rectangular light-emitting surfaces, follow the run of the stairs and ensure their safety.

Light enhances grandeur

Wall-integrated floor and ceiling floodlights, coordinated with the lengths of the shell-limestone panels, illuminate the stairwells and emphasize the grand, sacred feel, of the 12 meter high space.

Photo: Maximilian Meisse

Light leads the way
Two parallel light lines, beneath the central escalator, guide the passengers from the middle transfer level to the U5 platform on the lowest floor. Since December 2020, these tracks transport passengers, in the East-West direction through the city, and connect Alexanderplatz with the Hauptbahnhof main train station.

Photo: Alexander Rentsch

Be careful on the platform!

Ceiling-integrated surface luminaires, produce the necessary level of illumination, to give passengers and personnel a sense of security, in this area requiring heightened awareness. To ensure compliance with regulatory standards, the light-output is measured in our in-house lighting laboratory, and simulated and calculated by our planning department.

Photo: mawa design